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Megan is a professional content provider with over 15 years of experience in editorial, press release, print journalism, blog, and article content. For the past several years she has owned and successfully operated a content and writing solutions company. Her work has been featured with The Pin-Up Mag, Renaissance Magazine, LivingSenior, GoGreen, and a variety of private clients. ... more...

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Megan provides blog content, article content and writing solutions in a wide range of genres. Her specialties are in the following subjects: * Outdoor Living and Lifestyle including hunting, fishing and DIY outdoor projects. * Real Estate descriptions including senior communities, apartment complexes and nursing homes. * Education with an emphasis in homeschooling and adult home based or distance education. * Holistic and Natural health and lifestyle including home remedies, cleaning and DIY natural living solutions. * Home and Garden topics including renovations, contracting, remodeling, and landscaping. Megan provides these services in a professional manner striving to give each client quality, unique content and work that does not require grammatical or spelling re-writes. Megan has experience, education or other credentials in each topic listed above and will be happy to provide any background information you may be interested in.


Home and Garden, Landscaping, Green Living, Natural Health, Outdoor living and Conservation, Real Estate, Financial Planning, Preparedness, Career and Job topics.


ULC Seminary
1/1/2002 – 5/1/2006
Theology & Transpersonal Counseling, Bachelor of Arts
8/1/2011 –
Natural Health & Relaxation Therapy, Masters

Honors and Awards

Theology and Spiritual Counseling

Megan received her B.A in Theology and Spiritual Counseling in May 2006.

Association Memberships

Outdoor Writers Guild
Megan has been a member of the Outdoor Writers Guild since 2003. Her work has helped many new outdoor enthusiasts gain education in DIY and how-to categories of outdoor living.


Spiritual and Natural Health Counselor
Certified Spiritual Counselor
Megan received her certification as a spiritual counselor and natural health consultant upon her seminary graduation in 2006.

Experience Summary

Projects by Industry

Home Living

Home living, DIY projects, decorating and lifestyle options cover a wide range of the genres that I write. Megan has provided content to several major websites and private clients. Her work covers all aspects of home living including urban emergency planning, decorating, frugal living and budgeting.


Megan has provided content for several natural health and healing blogs, online publications and non-profit organizations. Her work has covered dietary supplments, natural health alternatives, relaxation therapy techniques and the importance of natural healing in today's society.

Real Estate

Megan is a former property appraiser and real estate adviser. She has worked for major corporation branch offices including Remax and ERA. Her recent work has been as a real estate content provider for senior living communities, assisted living and senior residential living alternatives. She has been part of writing teams handling 400-500 word real estate descriptions including the previously mentioned senior community alternatives, apartments, condos and real estate leasing property descriptions.


Megan has had the fortunate opportunity to write for several home and family related websites over the past few years. I have written articles on stockpiling, frugal living, home based education and DIY family projects.


Megan's education based content services have been provided to clients for homeschool, online undergraduate, online graduate, and alternative certification articles and blog pieces. One of her popular self published articles in regards to education, Wiccan Homeschooling Alternatives.


Megan is an avid outdoors lifestyler and teaches others outdoor living skills. She has been published in a variety of genres including outdoor living, survival, hunting, fishing and camping. Her work has been published with sites like and various outdoor living sites.


Megan has been part of some wonderful home craft writing teams. Her work has been published on the website through the Skyword writers project team. Her DIY and craft articles are available on and videos on knitting are available to her followers.

Projects by SEO Skill

SEO Keyword Requirements

Megan provides SEO keyword content to a variety of online publications and organizations. This work is completed with a 2% to 3% keyword density with the keywords or phrases having been specifed by the client.

Projects By Asset Type


Megan provides informational article content to a variety of niche sites and publications. Her primary focus has been on home, garden, education and outdoor living. Her work in this genre includes articles ranging from 300 to 800 words. Her most recent article project was a B2B senior living project.

Blog Post

No matter what your blog need is, Megan can handle the job. She brings her responsibility, dedication, and knowledge of blog techniques to any topic you may have. Her work is primarily geared for clients seeking 300-500 word blogs and clients looking for content as part of an on-going theme or series.


Megan has provided clients with product descriptions and reviews for online catalog and print catalog sites. This work has covered niche products such as household, garden and outdoor living products. Her primary work was conducted with an online baby furniture company where she was a product review specialist and personal shopping assistant for expectant mothers.

Projects By Profession


Megan provides copywriting services to private clients, online publications and non-profit organizations. This copy ranges from 500 to 1000 words and is topic specific. Her work has been published with reputable sites and publications in various niche specific genres.

Research Writer

Megan has provided research writing to a number of online sites and publications. This writing has ranged from topic specific research to collaboration of research efforts into a cohesive informational article.

Projects by Writing Style


The majority of Megan's articles are written with an informational tone in mind. These articles span a wide variety of topics and subject matter.

Projects by Company Size

Small Business

The majority of the work Megan does is for small online businesses and site owners. Samples of her work can be viewed in the Projects by Industry portion of her profile.