A bad attitude is like a flat tire- if you don’t change it, you’ll never get anywhere

Studies show that everyone will have an average of 5 flat tires in their lifetime. In order to maintain the health and lifetime of your tires, check your bike tires weekly, and bring your car in for scheduled maintenance.

Having the ability to change your own tire is a useful skill that you will undoubtedly benefit from at some point(s) in your lifetime. For more information on the service and maintenance for your tires visit Tire Tips.

And for information on the service and maintenance of your bad attitude, take a look at the following list:

1. Be thankful for all the good fortune in your life.
2. Find comfort and support in good friends and family.
3. Exercise. Get those endorphins flowing.
4. Get some sun. The influx of vitamin D has shown to greatly influence one’s mood and overall outlook in positive ways.
5. Remind yourself daily of positive affirmations.

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