Everybody loves a leader, but dislikes a boss

Being on top ain’t always easy, huh? There’s a fine like between being respected and being feared, between being personable and being a push over, between being firm and being a b*tch.

How do you walk that line perfectly every day? In my opinion, you don’t. Being the leader of a company does not require super human skills, it just requires confidence in yourself, faith in your team and the ability to make mistakes gracefully.

Perhaps you remember that kid (or you were that kid) on the playground that everybody disliked for being “bossy”? That kid probably had great ideas, but just shouted out orders and spoke down to his peers. That kid was never able to recruit more than a couple kids to join his cause.

Now think of the playground hero. The kid who could rally a bunch of different kids in different cliques in different grades  into playing a huge playground-wide game of capture the flag. The kid who could unite a huge group of his peers to petition their teachers for 10 extra minutes of recess. That kid was a leader. That kid got everybody else excited about his cause, and made them want to be apart of it.

Learn from that kid.

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