If you make a funny face, it will not freeze that way

Old wives tales have been around since, well, ever. Many of these “tales” have no basis in truth whatsoever, yet have endured in the common consciousness of society for so long that many people blindly accept them as fact.

The origins of many of these have been long lost to history, but most had the intention of putting an end to unwanted behavior in children with threats of illness or permanent disfigurement. You know, typical kid stuff. Some of the most common old wives tales include:

1. Don’t go outside with wet hair or you’ll catch a cold
2. If you swallow gum it will stay in your stomach for 7 years
3. Shaving makes the hair grow back thicker
4. Eating chocolate leads to acne
5. Eating ice cream before bed leads to nightmares
6. Don’t make silly faces, or your face will get stuck like that

But between you, me and the rest of the internet- I have to admit, I still believe the shaving one.

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