Do you have a box of rice under your bed?

We have three boys in our family who absolutely love anything truck, tractor or big machine related.  If they can take it in the sandbox and dig with it, dump with it or bury it, they will play with it for hours.

Summer was coming to an end and the days of spending the afternoons outside and in the sand were coming to a close.  Soon it would be too cold and digging, dumping and burying would have to wait for warmer weather to return.

Or would it? Not when you have a Nana as cool as ours. Nana keeps a very neat house where toys and love are abundant, but messes are not.  The idea of bringing sand into the house was not even an option.

However, when there is a will to bring joy to those you love, there’s a way. So Nana went to the store, found a 2 x 3 foot plastic container and filled it with rice.  Her plan was: Play and dig to your heart’s content, then quickly clean up with Mr. Kirby, pop the top back on and slide it back under the bed.  What FUN!

Sometimes I even find myself getting down in the rice to join them.partially to spend time with my boys, but partially to just play in the rice myself.  There’s something therapeutic about feeling the grains run through my fingers and watching them fall, then burying the cement mixer with the backhoe and dump truck, and then digging it back out with the front loader.

It takes me back to a time when not a day went by that I didn’t make time to play.  I played with a sibling, went to the neighbors or just found something to engage the imagination.

Life can get so crazy busy; It is easy to forget the joys of playing as a child and the benefits we gain by continuing to make time to play as adults.

So create your own box of rice: Take a walk in a creek, go for an adventure through the woods and build a snowman with style. Reach back to the days of play and I bet you will smile and feel lighter!

Contributed by Executive, Money and Relationship Coach,  Becca Buttermore


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