Beautiful You

A Beautiful You, getting to the core of who you are is a self-exploration process I created  that will help you see your beauty and self-worth inside and out. The beauty I am referring to is not your outward beauty, but your inward beauty (soul and spirit) that we all possess.

As women we tend to put our own wants, needs and desires to the back-burner generally causing burnout, depression, sadness, and other negative emotions. This process is designed to help you manage your outer beauty inwardly.

Often times we spend so much time making our physical bodies perfect that our insides (soul and spirit) are contaminated with all the negative energy and emotions of the world in and around us. In most cases its self inflicted pain caused by our own thoughts, feelings, and limited beliefs.

This whole process was created from my own identity crisis in times past I have had so much chatter in my own head that I started to believe what I was hearing. A Beautiful You, getting to the core of who you are is a journey of self exploration to see yourself the way you truly are, beautiful in soul and spirit.

During the process I had to dig up my own weeds (negative thoughts, and emotions) in my  mind that did not serve me anymore, and replace them with thoughts that did. I will help you do the same. It wasn’t easy an easy process and every now and then I find myself trying to re-visit old habits and I catch myself.

We often tell ourselves that if we were taller, thinner, smarter, prettier, had more money, well educated we would have all the things we want in life. We define beauty based on things and from that perspective you would be beautiful. I am here to help you reverse the curse to see from your own lens when you do obtain the things you think you want you still won’t be beautiful because we are always striving and looking for more. All you need is within you.

It took me a long time to figure out that what I was searching for I already had.

We NEVER have to search outside of our-selves for the things we need: love, respect, admiration, appreciation, etc. It’s already there. Until we tap into the power of US it’s not possible to be who we were made too be. A Beautiful You, getting to the core of who you are will give you the courage to pull up the weeds and tap into it the power of YOU!!! Let’s Go!!! Join me on this journey to a better life!!!

Contributed by Business, Life and Relationship Coach, Mechi Renee 

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