Falling to Pieces or Falling to Peace

Sunday morning in yoga. I always arrive with my mind full of thought and leave in a very clear space. This morning, the teacher talked about how we are either falling to pieces or falling to peace.

I smiled.

Falling to pieces takes a lot of thinking. The mind gets filled with thought, and the thinking that the thought means something.

We live in a world where we are bombarded with ‘stuff’ which can lead us to fall to pieces.

But that’s not our only option. We can choose to fall to peace.

Falling to peace happens when your mind is full of chaotic thoughts, and you let the thinking go. In essence, you fall into peace. A space of nothingness. And in the space of nothingness, what emerges is inner peace.

Peace is your factory default.

Gerald walked into my office. We scheduled a coaching intensive. Coach until complete. Gerald’s mind and life were in overdrive. A successful entrepreneur with two businesses, Gerald was allowing one situation to so overpower his thinking; he felt on the verge of breaking down. And he was not succeeding. We talked about the situation and peeled it back to see where he was giving his thought ‘power’ and why he was falling to pieces.

Thought creates story. Story often begets story. When the thought arises from an old story of pain, a story which parallels the current situation. Usually the story is so old, most are not aware of the impact of these old stories on their current situation.

Through peeling the ‘thought onion’ back, we got to a core wound; an old situation which was not resolved. And this unresolved thought and the associated heavy emotion was tainting the current situation.

In doing some work, we came to a place of peace around this core wound. Then from this space of peace, we looked at the current situation and Gerald just sighed.

The solution was soon present and relatively simple. What emerged was a smile. And peace. Gerald returned to his life, empowered and back on track.

Falling into peace can occur. Whether it is in meditation, in yoga, or through coaching. Today, be aware that most of the problems we create are the result of over active thinking.

Life happens; it always will.  As life happens, are you going to fall to pieces or fall into peace?

Remember, peace is your birthright.

Contributed by Executive, Life and Spirituality Coach, Jim Pehkonen

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