Fear is a gift that indicates you are closer to your dream

Fear is a measurement tool. Fear means you’re leaving the old reality behind. Fear is a gift that indicates you are closer to your dream. Fear is a healthy, natural mechanism, a sign of vitality and that you are in process.

Unless you learn to use fear as empowerment, it can also stop your progress.

Don’t say, “I’m afraid.”

Be more specific. What exactly is scaring you? The more clarity you have, the easier it will be to get the support you need to move through your fear. Understanding your fears is the key to conquering them.

The number one way to sabotage your dream is by projecting your fears, doubts and concerns into it. Fear and doubt do not belong in your dream. Fear is part of your reality.

Deal with fear by clarifying it, designing a strategy for managing it and by asking for help and support.

Use these daily check-ins:

Are you more committed to your dream or to your reality?

Do you believe in your positive beliefs or your old limiting beliefs?

The answer is in the action you take. Every day do at least one thing to move your dream forward. Success is guaranteed!

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