Find Your Guru

Are you in search of your guru? Someone you can model yourself after, someone that can fill that empty space inside of you? Perhaps you think you’re simply not enough, and deeply wish to emulate someone who is.

You seek a guru to follow and to adore. And in doing that, you’ve lost who they are.

Or perhaps you’ve found a guru. This guru may have seemed perfect at first. He or she may have seemed to have it all. But eventually, you realized that even your guru isn’t perfect. And what did you do? You began searching for another guru, and in the process lost yourself and even your faith in humanity.

Stop. It is time to pause and take a deep breath.


Get present.

It’s time to find your guru.  He or she is closer than you think. Follow this simple 3-step process:

1. Go to a mirror and close your eyes.

2. Spell guru out loud while your eyes are closed.  Spell it 3 times out loud.

“Gee You Are You . Gee You Are You . Gee You Are You”

3. Open you eyes and say hello to YOUR guru.

YOU are the guru you seek.  When you realize the power you are and the power your have, YOU become the guru you seek.  The world created you – perfect, authentic, and having the ability to tap into the wisdom of the ages through confidence, clarity, and courage.

The world asks that you fully become you.  Be the best you ever.  YOU are all you need.  YOU are what those around you want.  No one wants you to become a clone to another. They have their gifts, allow them to be who they were intended to be, and YOU become who you want to be.

One of my teachers told me about a book by Rusty Berkus which relates to this.  On one of the pages showed a guru in black robes and a guru in white robes.  The caption said — “What is the difference between the guru in the white robe and the guru in the black robe?  Answer:  The guru in the black robe accepts your total dependence of them for finding the answers to your life.  The guru in the white robe sends you out into the world having taught that YOU are the answer to your life.”

Now, you may find guides, coaches, and teachers along the way.  Learn about you through them.  True teachers bring out the best you and then send you on your way. True teachers do not allow themselves to be worshiped. They appreciate acknowledgement and they are humble, confident, and clear in all their intentions.

So this year, find your true guru.  Hint: it is YOU.

When you accept that, you will find your passion, step into you natural gifts, abilities, and talents.  And, it is the teachers, guides, and coaches who assist you to polish the facets of your beings such that you shine.  Yes, it is time to shine – fully and completely.

So this is YOUR time.  BE your brilliance.  BE your shine.  Live life fully, as your own guru.

Contributed by Executive, Life and Spirituality Coach, Jim Pehkonen

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