Talk Big. Then Walk Your Talk

People frequently sabotage themselves by putting their attitudes, beliefs or fears into their dreams. If you’re putting your concerns into your dreams, your fears will become bigger and seem more real as you move closer to getting what you want.

Your concerns don’t belong in your dream. They’re part of where you are now, not where you’re going.

To make your dream successful, keep the fear that you won’t have time for friends and family in the “Where I Am Now” column. Assume for the “Where I Want To Be” column that you’ll have all the time you desire to enjoy your success, your friends and your family after achieving the dream.

Because we view change as filled with murky unknowns, fear may feel like death. However, the experience is actually the old you dying away and allowing the new transformed you to breath. This is good news.

By trusting what you want, often you will be able to release the part of you that was afraid of making your dream come true. By shedding the pieces that no longer fit, you can create a new dream to move toward.

You lose your fear of change when your dream begins to take on life as you envision it, speak about it and act on it with passion. As you open yourself up to unlimited possibilities, fear fades and you begin to make progress.

Follow through on your dream commitment: walk your talk. Articulating your dream with clarity and passion, gets others excited about it and invite their support. Dream big, share your dream and remind others to do the same.

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