Achilles heel

Recognize your Achilles Heel.

Our weaknesses have power over us when we are unaware of them. Confront what has been difficult and see what you can do differently. Develop a personal, yet simple practice for strengthening that muscle.

If you want to experience a breakthrough, move toward something that you would typically avoid. Recognizing your weakness is just as important as recognizing your strengths. Learning how to overcome these weaknesses makes you stronger.

Identify What’s in Your Way.

Take a self inventory and see if there’s something that’s keeping you from feeling free and abundant. Are irrational beliefs holding you back? Unspoken words, unfinished projects, conversations, or skeletons in our closets can draw us away from what’s important.

Overcome Obstacles.

Wherever there is an obstacle, simply design a strategy to maneuver around it. We often make roadblocks larger than they are which can lead to the demise of our dreams. Identify what’s obstructing you. Ask for help. Then be vigilant in following through.

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