Creating Life in the Face of Disaster

There is an old saying that goes something like: Whether you think you can, or you can’t, you are right.

In each moment we create our experience of the world. It is your created story that is the predictor of how you handle everything in life.

Each person is powerful in this realm. What if you really understood the power you have? Your experience of your world is only as powerful as the stories you live as real after an event. You always have choice on the outcome.

Here’s a doozy of an example:.
It was 1:39 in the morning. I was heading to a 10-day vacation with my new camper trailer. As a semi passed it on a windy night, the trailer began dancing. A wild disco/tango right there on the interstate. I was also dancing to keep it on the road. I lost.

Thirty seconds later my new trailer was tipped on the side of the road and my truck was blocking lanes while facing oncoming traffic. The rear of the truck was three feet in the air, still hitched to the now destroyed trailer. The semis coming at me were barely missing the truck and the police were having a hard time finding me as I was calmly telling the dispatcher,- “I’m the one with headlights facing east on the west bound side of I-80, 10 miles west of Winnemucca.”

In that moment I got to choose how my vacation went. I could collapse and be a wreck, just like my trailer. Or I could choose to move forward.

I powerfully chose the latter.

It took three hours to clear the wreckage. In those three hours, I filed my insurance claim and developed a plan to continue on my vacation.

At 5:30 a.m., the insurance company called and said they were totaling the trailer and I had one day to clear everything out. A salvage yard would claim it from the impound lot by the end of the day.

By 7:30 a.m., I had found a 24-hour superstore and purchased storage bins, a tent, sleeping bag, and the items to continue on my vacation. At 8 a.m., I was at the impound lot, ready to organize the heap which was, just a few hours prior, my new camper packed for 10 days in the desert.

By 3 p.m., I had organized everything out of the trailer so it could be salvaged, arranged storage for the stuff that was not going on my vacation, and repacked what was needed for my vacation in bins. Most of the stuff was then moved to storage and the truck was repacked and I was on my way.

By 9:30 that evening, I was at my camp spot in the desert for my vacation.

I got to say how my vacation went. Some people may have packed it in after a catastrophic accident. Some may have said it was too much and turned back. It provided me the opportunity to powerfully take on each moment. Yes, I had about a 16-hour delay. But I had a great vacation. I got to choose, powerfully.

This is the power of creating your experience of life and becoming unstoppable in the face of disaster. Life happens, every day. I live the principles I teach in my coaching. My clients learn the power they have in every situation. They choose to become unstoppable.

My commitment to my clients is this: bring your life, and I’ll bring a renewed way of experiencing your one incredible life.

This week, look at how you create your experience of life. See where you are stopped and what stops you. See where you are unstoppable. Become unstoppable; you can do it, if you choose.

Create an amazing week!

Contributed by Executive, Life and Spirituality Coach, Jim Pehkonen

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