employee motivation, productivity and guidelines

Twyla Dell writes in “An Honest Day’s Work”:

“The heart of motivation is to give people what they really want most from work. The more you are able to provide what they want, the more you should expect what you really want, namely: productivity, quality and service.”

Employers want to maximize their profits and the way that they do this is by motivating their employees to succeed. Successful companies know that hard working and effective employees are their most valuable asset.

Guidelines are necessary for employee motivation.

Make a minimum number of rules and policies to protect your organization legally and create order.

Publish the rules and policies and educate all employees.

Let many employees join management in identifying organizational values; write value statements and a professional code of conduct.

Develop guidelines for supervisors and educate them about the fair and consistent application of the few rules and policies.

Address individual dysfunctional behaviors on a “need-to” basis with counseling, progressive discipline, and performance improvement plans.

Clearly communicate work place expectations and guidelines for professional behavior.

Finally, do not just discipline undesirable behaviors but be sure to also seek out ways to acknowledge desirable behaviors. Creating employee recognition programs will motivate employees to strive to do their best in the workplace.

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