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Every person is motivated. The challenge is to create a work environment in which people are motivated about work priorities.

Too often, organizations fail to pay attention to the employee empowerment, employee recognition, communication, and involvement issues that are most important to the employees.

The first step in creating a motivating work environment is to stop taking actions that are guaranteed to deflate people. Identify and take actions that will motivate them. It’s a balancing act. Employers walk a fine line between meeting the needs of the organization and its customers and meeting the needs of its internal staff. Do both well and thrive!

The key to finding out what issues are most important to the employees is to ask them. Conduct anonymous surveys that encourage employees to share their true opinions. These surveys can be used to determine what issues are valued by the employees. Once the employer understands what issues need improvement, they can work to formulate a plan for implementing changes that will highlight these issues.

Motivation helps people achieve goals, gain a positive perspective, create the power to change, build self-esteem and capability, manage their own development and help others with theirs. There are no real disadvantages to successfully motivating employees, but there are many barriers to overcome.

Barriers may include unaware or absent managers, inadequate buildings, outdated equipment, and entrenched attitudes such as: We don’t get paid extra to work harder” or “We’ve always done it this way.” Such views will take persuasion, perseverance, and the proof of experience to break down.

Commercial success depends on employees using their full talents, yet managers often view motivation as something of a mystery. Individuals are motivated by different things and in different ways.

In addition, the flattening of hierarchies can create insecurity and lower staff morale. Employee morale lowers when employees feel as though their efforts are not being appreciated. Morale also takes a dip when employees feel in the dark about important company issues.

Taking the time to acknowledge the efforts of employees and keeping them informed of company issues can prevent morale from taking a plunge.

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