Longing for Belonging

Another yoga class and, thanks to an amazing Sage – the space for insight. So many of us seek to belong.

We seek the affiliation and belonging – longing for belonging, if you will. Yet, in our haste and fervor, we miss the most vital connection of all – the connection to our heart and soul.

Most of us seek connection based on the mind. We are judging and assessing everything around us. In the space of judging and assessing we create separation from our heart and soul – and from the world around us – leaving us lonely and alone.

When we create an incredibly busy mind; there is little peace.

There was a time when you were powerfully connected to your heart – when the world was filled with love; when you got to be transparent and the world returned that transparency; when you met someone and instantly became best friends. Everything was an adventure. This time was when you were young.

My lady has two young ladies – ages six and eight. Recently, we traveled to my brother’s house. My brother adopted a girl from China, who now is seven. When we walked through the door of his home, the girls met, and were inseparable until we left. They did everything together. All three young ladies have so much love in their being, that naturally they just shared it with each other, and with the family. Since then they have written letters and are excited for the next visit, happening in a few weeks.

Simply put, the young ladies honor their hearts; they honor each other and the bond instantly created. They belong. There is little to no judgment of anything, just acceptance and exploration. My niece was initially a little shy, which lasted about 30 seconds.

For most of us, the process of growing up marks a transition- from our hearts to our heads – we becoming distrustful and unsure in the world. We listen to the Thought Monsters in our heads. We empower the judgment and assessment that leaves us alone in the world.

This week, drop back into your heart, and into your original grace. When you do, you will feel the original belonging, that of acceptance and love for yourself. Your experience of life will shift. You will see life as through the eyes of a child, when you were never more than one thought away from belonging.

If that seems difficult, see where the difficulty lives in your mind. For 24 hours, just choose to belong by accepting yourself and loving yourself. When you see difficulty, be aware of it, let it go and accept yourself. After 24 hours, you can either renew the game for another 24 hours, or choose to return to how it was before – longing to belong. And if you play this game, along the way make note of where it feels hard to belong.

Growth lives in awareness.

Create an amazing week!

Contributed by Executive, Life and Spirituality Coach, Jim Pehkonen

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