model someone you admire and move your dream forward

Model someone you admire.

Imitation is still the greatest form of flattery– who do you admire and why? Make a list of the qualities you admire in this person.

In what ways are you similar to them?

How do you wish you were more like them?

Remember to be admirable rather than envious. You’re likely to learn a lot about yourself and your own traits, goals, and shortcomings.

Move your dream forward.

Create a project you can easily accomplish in one month or less. Accomplishing small goals will help you build the confidence needed to achieve bigger dreams.

Think about the outcomes you want– not all the details. Tell yourself this dream is attainable. Measure your progress along the way to stay focused and on-task. Don’t forget to celebrate when you’ve succeeded. Recognizing your success will inspire you to keep forging ahead.

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