Share your dream and seek kindred spirits

Build Your Dream Team.

No, not for a pickup game of basketball. For your path of success in life.

Identify at least two essential people in your life to share your dream with. Now, call, write or email them today. Don’t hesitate! When you share your dreams with others you create more incentive to achieve them simply because you feel more accountable for your success.

Seek kindred spirits.

Find fellow big dreamers, people who share your values and optimistic outlook. Work together, play together, and develop strategic partnerships and alliances where everyone wins. You can find many of us in online communities and other places. Dreamers unite!

Share Your Dream.

Most of us don’t tell other people about our dreams because it makes us accountable to them. It’s a lot of responsibility having to make all your dreams true! Plus, our instincts are to avoid the unfamiliar. Take a chance and reach out to someone. When you have this healthy pressure to succeed you are more likely to work diligently to achieve your dreams.

Confide in Someone You Trust.

Discuss your thoughts and feelings with an empathetic friend or life coach. Consider what answers you may want from them, versus those you may need to hear. Be open and objective to their feedback and reflection. Imagine and appreciate their point of view.

When we are able to take criticism with grace and accept assistance without pride we often find that our dreams become a reality.

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