The Mess in Your Message – Integrity and the CEO of Exxon

During another amazing yoga class this week, the Sage brought a unique message to class: the mess in your message.

It is your actions that deliver your message – and at times, the mess is in the message. The mess shown may be an integrity issue, like what is happening with the CEO of Exxon.

The CEO of Exxon is in a mess right now. One of his competitors is fracking (a term used for the controversial technology of resource extraction from the ground) and building a water tower near his home. Exxon does a lot of fracking around other people’s homes. As the CEO, one would think if it were okay in one place, it would be okay everywhere.

However, he is suing to stop the fracking around his home, taking the competitor to court. His action shows a conflict in his integrity – what a mess. And what a strong message.

Where is the mess in your message? Where does controversy live in your life? The beautiful thing about the mess is it sends a clear message – even if you don’t realize it. Out of the mess, a solution can arise. Ask for help from a trusted friend or coach to clarify the mess and shift your message.

Our actions create a story, and are the result of a story.

Our stories emerge as a result of past actions and experiences.

Current actions are generated from the thoughts and emotions based upon what has happened to us.

This creates our experience of life, as well as our current circumstances.

Our fellow human being, the CEO of Exxon, had an opportunity to do something for the greater good. He is making a statement about a process that obviously is not in the best interest of humanity. He could have chosen to impact the problem and create a solution. However, he is choosing to exacerbate the problem based upon a serious integrity issue. He is also making a powerful statement about this fracking process: not in my backyard.

If not in his, why in anyone else’s?

This week, look at any ‘messes’ in your life. Are your actions amplifying or clarifying your mess? Becoming aware of the mess in your message is a critical step in creating an amazing life. Through awareness comes choice.

Create an amazing week!

Contributed by Executive, Life and Spirituality Coach, Jim Pehkonen

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