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Face, Forge and Focus Your Finances

When it comes to your finances, you may choose to think about something- anything- else besides getting them under control. The concept of planning for retirement can seem like a fantasy when there’s so much you need that money for today, and that paycheck only goes so far.

But managing your finances is not impossible. Do it in 3 easy steps.

Face the Tough Stuff.

Practice the “what happened and what did you learn” theory of life rather than trying to make sense of everything. So you’re stressed about money- honestly ask yourself if your fears are true reflections of the events at hand. Accurately assessing where you are will help you choose the best strategy for moving ahead. Be honest with yourself about both your strengths and your weaknesses and formulate a viable strategy for achieving your financial goals.

Forge Ahead.

Being overly realistic can sometimes place limitations on your dream for financial security. You have bills, a mortgage, kids to raise- how can you possibly set anything aside for the future? However, while being practical has it’s place- don’t let it deter you too soon. Talk to someone like a financial coach. Be honest about your situation, but don’t let it deter you.

Focus Your Intention.

Use it as the rudder to aim and set the course of your life. The daily choices you make will ultimately support you in living your dream life.

What do you want your tomorrow to look like? Ask yourself this question and really think about your answer– it will determine the steps you’ll need to take to achieve your financial goals.

Procrastination station- where the only thing running is you, from reality

Procrastination- in theory- is supposed to make our lives more pleasant. In reality it almost always adds stress, disorganization and failure. Procrastination is based on fears. In varying degrees, we are all afraid of facing reality: life’s challenges, the hard work and frustrations ahead of us.

Negative reinforcement plays a major role in procrastination and hinders success. Behaviors like watching TV and rationalizations or excuses enable the procrastinator to avoid unpleasant work. Procrastination is an escape.

Procrastination comes in all shapes and forms. The emotions behind procrastination can include:

Fear (perhaps of failure or success)

Panic (not understanding what needs to be done, or not believing in one’s ability to do it)

Anger (stemming from a lack of control and/or the desire to rebel against authority)

Boredom (general malaise and dislike of the work that needs to be done)

Depression (this can lead to an ever worsening cycle because we put things off when we feel depressed, and then the negative consequences of that decision depress us even more)

Pleasure Seeking (sometimes we simply prioritize play above work)

The procrastinator must correctly identify his forms of procrastination and find solutions for his specific emotional reactions in order to kick the habit.

Be Courageous, Outrageous and Audacious

Be Courageous.

Follow your heart and act on something that you know to be true for you. Demonstrate that you are committed to at least exploring your dream and prove to yourself that it’s important by taking action.

The saying “action speaks louder than words” never rang so true. Living powerfully includes being authentic and compassionate. Live large yet genuine. Trade the mundane for the unexpected.

Be Outrageous

Play! Do you remember the sound of your deepest belly laugh? Recognize what makes you happy and bring more of what you love into your daily life.

Rekindle your sense of humor and do things that not only make you smile, but that make you giggle. Extra credit is awarded for making someone else laugh. Happiness brings confidence and with confidence you have the power to achieve your dreams.

Be Audacious

Don’t worry about offending others (or your own sensibilities) with some bold dreams and some bold moves to achieve those dreams.

Make a plan, and then do whatever it takes to get there. Surround yourself with a positive support system. When things get rough it’s integral to have positive people around to tell you to keep going.

Make big changes. You’ll see big results. Each day laid out before us is precious and unique. In the end, however it arrives, you can say, “I truly lived my life.”

Everybody loves a leader, but dislikes a boss

Being on top ain’t always easy, huh? There’s a fine like between being respected and being feared, between being personable and being a push over, between being firm and being a b*tch.

How do you walk that line perfectly every day? In my opinion, you don’t. Being the leader of a company does not require super human skills, it just requires confidence in yourself, faith in your team and the ability to make mistakes gracefully.

Perhaps you remember that kid (or you were that kid) on the playground that everybody disliked for being “bossy”? That kid probably had great ideas, but just shouted out orders and spoke down to his peers. That kid was never able to recruit more than a couple kids to join his cause.

Now think of the playground hero. The kid who could rally a bunch of different kids in different cliques in different grades  into playing a huge playground-wide game of capture the flag. The kid who could unite a huge group of his peers to petition their teachers for 10 extra minutes of recess. That kid was a leader. That kid got everybody else excited about his cause, and made them want to be apart of it.

Learn from that kid.

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