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Double the life of your iphone by putting the freaking thing down

Of course, putting ones phone down can be easier said than done. So if you don’t like that advice, here are three quick alternative ways to preserve the life of your battery.

1. Screen Brightness- are you one of those people who keep their screen on full brightness? Take that spotlight down a notch, diva. You can preserve hours of battery life just by switching from full brightness to half.

2. Maps and Directions- actively using maps apps can significantly drain your battery. Don’t believe me? Do an experiment- try using your preferred map app (“mapp”?) for directions over the course of an hour, even if you have nowhere to go. Find out how to get to your favorite coffee shop, do some errands, track yourself on your phone as you go. Then compare the amount of battery juice you just lost to normal phone usage over an hour. It makes a difference.

3. Quit playing games (with my heart)… (Any Backstreet Boys fans out there? No? Moving on.)  If your battery is low and you won’t be able to charge it for a bit, step away from the solitaire dealer. Stop crushing those candies. And I promise those birds will be still be angry later on.

Also if you’re doing all these things while listening to internet radio too, well, stop it.

And remember- if you’re low on juice but still want to use your phone for stuff that doesn’t include GPS, wi-fi, cell service, bluetooth nor location services, remember airplane mode isn’t just for 30,000 feet.


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Don’t ask a question a Google search could have answered

Ahh the Google. That massive search engine that fields 100 billion queries per month still manages to get stumped by you. Yes, you. In fact it gets stumped by a brand new question 500 million times a day.

Of course Google doesn’t like to admit that it has no idea what you’re talking about when you type something into it’s search box.

Therefore it searches for data on 20 billion websites every single day in order to up the chances it will be able to bring you relevant information faster than you can blink, no matter what your query happens to be.

When Google is off target, what do you do? You rephrase your question in attempt to get better results.

In other words, you know when you’re in class, for example, and the teacher asks you a question and you don’t exactly know what she’s talking about? What do you always do- you quickly scour your brain for any relevant information that may sort of answer her question. Sometimes you hit the nail on the head, and other times you’re totally off and the teacher rephrases the question.

That, in essence, is the user-Google experience. Google is there to supply you with the right answers, so you don’t have to go bugging other people with your questions.

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