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Frank has been writing online since 2006, with many articles published at Helium, Ehow and Yahoo Voices. On Textbroker I have completed over 1050 articles He also publishes the personal blog His interests include bicycling, photography, drawing and painting, coin collecting, travel and the environment. more...

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Frank mainly writes articles about travel, real estate, history, business, finance, health and wellness, hobbies plus home and family.


His interests include bicycling, photography, drawing and painting, coin collecting, travel and the environment.


Long Ridge Writers Group
Breaking into Print,
Miami-Dade Community College
Business Administration, Associate in Science

Experience Summary

Projects by Industry


Frank has written many promotional travel articles for tour companies or tourist blogs and sites. These were all ghostwriting assignments, thus there are no samples. Completed ghostwritten articles include one about sailing in Croatia, which discussed the different sailboats and their amenities. Another about historic attractions in central Bratislava, Slovakia.


Frank has done many travel reports on vacation destinations around the world, such as the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Also many ghostwriting assignments concerning cities within the United States, such as destinations in Florida. Articles about travel include airports, transportation systems, national parks, museums and other historic sites. Some promotional articles about hotels, beach and ski resorts.


Frank has written over 50 articles promoting automotive products and services. These where ghostwriting article assignments, thus do not have any samples. These included several for automotive repair shops and specific services that they offer. A few were limousine company promotional assignments. Others were for specific car makes, such as Mercedes Benz.

Real Estate

Frank has written many articles on real estate. These were ghostwriting assignments, thus there are no samples. Articles regarding a prominent real estate professional have been completed. Others have been about specific resort properties. One was about a high-rise condominium building in downtown Miami, describing the amenities that the property offers.

Projects by SEO Skill

SEO Keyword Requirements

Frank does many ghostwriting assignments that require him to add whatever keywords the client wants within the article. This has to be done in a way that makes sense, not just sprinkle keywords anywhere within an article.

Projects By Asset Type


As a ghostwriter, Frank has written over 1050 articles on many subjects, usually between 250 and 400 words. He has also done many smaller blog posts.

Blog Post

Frank has done many short blog posts of less than 200 words. Many ghostwritten blog posts for generic content on varied subjects.

Projects By Profession

Research Writer

Frank has done product descriptions for online catalogs. These have been ghostwriting projects, thus there is no sample.

Projects by Writing Style


Frank has written several promotional articles for roofing, car repair, locksmith, home repair, and travel tour companies. These were all ghostwriting assignments, there are no samples.


Frank has ghostwritten several short news release items, usually around 100 words. There are no samples.