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Kim is a veteran freelance writer, small business consultant and jewelry designer. As a freelancer, she has researched and written on a variety of subjects, but her areas of expertise are small business, education, online learning, accounting, SEO and social media. Kim has a BA in English and business administration, a Masters in Adult Education and is currently pursuing her MBA and EdD in ... more...

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Education Masters Degree


Articles, business plans, marketing plans covering all aspects of business, but with a heavy emphasis on entrepreneurs and small business startup and management concerns.I am also well-versed in SEO and SEM.


Jewelry design and creation, reading, cooking, spending time with friends and family, remodeling my home.


NorthCentral University
5/1/2011 – 12/1/2012
Business Administration/Entrepreneurship, MBA
University of Phoenix
12/1/2008 – 5/1/2010
Adult Education and Training, MAEd
NorthCentral University
2/1/2012 –
Education, EdD in Instructional Design and Elearning

Experience Summary

Projects by Industry


Kim is an experienced insurance industry writer. Having worked in and around insurance for over 20 years, she has in-depth knowledge regarding medical, life, auto and home insurance. She has a natural ability to explain insurance details so her readers can understand the intricate ins and out of their policies, which helps them know the type of coverages they need.

Real Estate

Kim is an experienced real estate writer. She has written property descriptions, and about the industry in general. Her strongest areas include, but are not limited to: *Short sales *Foreclosures *General real estate information *Buying tips *Selling tips *Industry research


Kim wrote the column, Moments of Clarity, which was heavy on humor, for two years. She had taught how to inject humor into everyday writing, as well as a humor writing class. Humor writing comes naturally to her, and she finds that it is a challenge not to inject humor into her writing. This can be both a blessing and a curse for her, depending on the topic and the client's request.


Kim has written many articles on how to get started in a career, how to maintain a career, how to move up in a career...the education a career requires and how much various careers pay. Whether you want to be a phlebotomist, attorney, dirt farmer or an underwater basket weaver and welder, she has written an article describing how to do it.


Kim owns KAF Creations, a jewelry design firm, so writing about how to create different types of jewelry is a natural by-product from her second profession. She has written articles, blog posts and created PowerPoint presentations and videos explaining how to create different types of jewelry, accessories and home decor. From chainmaille to bead and wire work, to embroidery and crochet, Kim has done it and she's written about it.


As a holder of a Masters in Adult Education and Training, Kim lists adult education and online programs as her dominant areas in this category, but she has also written informational articles for students as well. She is currently pursing her EdD in the areas of Curriculum and Development, E-learning and Instructional Design.


Kim has written a variety of articles, blog posts and web copy about women, for women and regarding the issues that women are most concerned about -- career, family, romance, relationships, health and finances. She started her career as a columnist who chronicled her daily life of juggling all the above-mentioned things, while still trying to squeeze in some "me" time.


Kim has described hotels and tourist attractions for cities all over the United States, informed readers of emergency procedures in other countries and offered general travel advice, such as safety issues, transportation options and cultural differences. Her focus is mainly on the United States, but she is also familiar with other countries and cultures and can write about them with authority as well.

Projects by SEO Skill

SEO Keyword Requirements

Kim is an experienced SEO writer. She has the ability to include keywords in all the appropriate and required places, but still create prose that is easy and enjoyable to read. She can place keywords in any part of the text, from the title to the headings and everywhere in between. She only asks that the keywords make at least some semblance of sense and are pertinent to the topic of the assigned article. She will not participate in Blackhat SEO.

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The bulk of my writing career is writing articles. Magazine writing, ezine writing and web copy on a variety of subjects is dominant. She does not believe in adhering to a specific word count, but instead thinks that you should use as many words as you need to thoroughly cover a topic. No more, no less. She is not a fan of fluff writing, but can offer the client whatever he needs.

Blog Post

Kim has written a lot of blog posts, on a lot of topics for clients and for her own blogs. Her subject matter is extensive and diverse and she's capable of writing educational, persuasive and entertaining posts. Most of her posts are ghost-written so samples of her work cannot be readily shown, but her personal blog is an excellent example of her more casual writing style.

Projects By Profession


Kim has written copy for a variety of products and services. Product reviews, overviews, descriptions for items such as the Slice-O-Matic, Golf Digest product listings, products sold at Target, and many others. Kim writes pithy, descriptive copy that gets the readers attention and helps them make informed buying decisions.

Research Writer

Kim is a freelance writer, and therefore, all of her writing is research writing. Kim believes that an experienced freelance writer can research and write about practically any subject. And she has the track record to prove it -- she has written articles on pets, business, education, simple legal issues, basket weaving (seriously), sports, board games, DIY home projects, crafting, religion, politics, music and relationships.

Projects by Writing Style


Kim has written many How-to's, on subjects such as "How to Start a Small Business in Poland"; "How to Mail a Letter"; How To Get Started as a Bounty Hunter" and step-step instructions for repairing appliances such as washers, dryers and toasters, troubleshooting computer and electronic equipment problems. She has also written articles instructing readers how to choose the best college, the best major and the best job. She's even written articles on how to fire a consultant.


Kim wrote a humor column for two years called Moments of Clarity. She has also taught humor-writing classes. Kim finds it difficult t write anything without infusing humor into the content. She also finds the trend of bland, dry writing unnecessary. Sh firmly believes that imparting wisdom to customers need not be a boring, tortuous process. Humor can be used to deliver even the worst news -- and help soften the blow. She happiest working with clients who understand and share her philosophy.

Projects by Company Size

Small Business

The bulk of Kim's article writing is in this area, especially the areas of idea generation and start-up. The above is an estimate, as she has written well over 2,000 articles during her writing career.