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Deb has been writing since high school days when she interned with an award-winning small-town weekly newspaper. Since that time, her job duties for various employers have included writing grants, boiler plates for grant funding, brochures, press releases, business plans, annual reports, product manuals and training manuals. She began writing web content as a freelancer in 2003 and has been writing ... more...

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Over the years, Deb has developed specialties in writing for finance, credit and real estate web sites, as well as for blogs with a fashion, food or environmental focus. She has provided content for several sales sites, including catalog descriptions and information on gemstones, herbs, crystals, alternative medicine, asthma and mesothelioma.She particularly enjoys writing well-researched short articles that demystify complex subjects for the layman, blog posts and consumer product guides.


In addition to writing for the Web, Deb writes poetry and belongs to several poetry groups. Coffee is a passion--she roasts and grinds her own ghetto-style, using a popcorn popper, and has written extensively about coffee flavors, brewing and cooking with coffee. She is involved with urban gardening, food security and a number of local political issues and campaigns.


City of Worcester
Computer Hardware, A+ Certification

Experience Summary

Projects by Industry


Deb provides regular content for several websites that offer online insurance comparisons and quotes. Her articles range from state-by-state reviews of auto insurance laws to specific information on life insurance, health insurance and property insurance. She specializes in keyword optimized content that provides honest, easy-to-understand information regarding insurance topics as diverse as how to save money on teen auto insurance and the role of life insurance in estate planning.


Since 2007, Deb has been writing an average of 200 short articles and product reviews per year for a popular coffee website. She has made contacts within the industry to source insider information on new coffeemakers and espresso machines, as well as upcoming news and information on new developments and improvements to existing products.


For two years, Deb provided 10 to 15 articles monthly about credit cards, loans, bank accounts and other banking topics for a major UK website. In addition, she wrote 2 e-books on bank accounts and credit cards for the same website owner. She has also written numerous articles about credit cards, budgeting and bank accounts for several U.S.-based credit card websites and content providers.


As an experienced crafter, Deb has written numerous how-to articles on needle crafts and fiber crafts, as well as patterns for crochet, knitting and tatting. Her articles for one website included step-by-step photographs for easy crafts for children. In addition, she has published a number of articles on the history of specific crafts, including blackwork, Tunisian crochet and Irish lace-making.


Deb draws on expert research and her own experience as a parent to write practical, approachable articles on parenting. Her topics include home schooling, bullying prevention, raising children with positive attitudes and how to advocate for your children with school departments and medical providers. An article on raising bully-proof children was adopted by a local counseling practice for use with their clients.


Deb writes regularly about gardening topics for content providers and private clients. She provided a series of articles about choosing, planting and cultivating roses in New England for one gardening website, and writes often about urban gardening and urban homesteading. Her articles about gardening combine in-depth research and personal experience in organic gardening and maintaining community and personal gardens in an urban setting.


In the field of alternative health, Deb provided herb profiles for more than 50 commonly used medicinal herbs for a well-regarded herb nursery. She has also written numerous articles on alternative health topics, including aromatherapy, herbal supplements, natural herbs and other alternative treatments, for several private clients and content providers. In addition, she wrote a series of articles on asthma and on breast cancer for two private clients.


In 2008, Deb worked with a Canadian educator to provide monthly articles on a variety of topics of interest to educators. The topics included technology in the classroom, school bullying and seasonal project suggestions. One article on cyber-bullying in schools was picked up and reprinted by an Australian educational magazine. In addition, Deb ghost-wrote a book on bullying and bullying prevention in schools and other settings.


Deb maintained a coffee-related blog with 3-7 postings weekly for 8 months. After the blogging platform shut down, she created her own coffee blog to continue posting coffee reviews, recipes and tips for cooking with coffee. In addition, she maintains a regular blog at the website of a major coffee distributor and is compiling recipes and essays for a book on cooking with coffee.


Working through a freelance writing group, Deb provided all content for several websites on starting careers in nursing, writing and the airline industry. The scope of the projects included descriptions, salary expectations, required training/certification and interview tips. In addition, she wrote a series of career advice articles for a Japanese personnel company that recruits employees for multinational companies operating in Japan.

Projects By Asset Type


Deb specializes in writing articles for SEO purposes that read well to human audiences. She writes on nearly any subject, including adult topics, and is expert at skillfully weaving keywords into the subject matter so that they do not intrude. She has also written feature articles for several major websites and informational and instructional articles for several content providers.


Deb was the ghost writer for a book on bullying prevention and bullying avoidance that was used as part of a training program for educators and community advocates. In addition, she has written e-books on buying a car, planning a tropical vacation, banking in the UK, SEO for beginners, online marketing for music teachers, one on candlestick charts in trading and an introduction to the paranormal.

Blog Post

Over the years, Deb has taken on projects that included daily blog posts on a number of focused websites. Her clients included two coffee websites, two poetry blogs, one blog on global climate change, two blogs about tarot and one blog on fashion. The projects ranged in length from three months to 18 months. Two are ongoing.

Projects By Profession

Book Ghostwriter

Deb has ghostwritten one full-length book on bullying prevention and several e-books. Two of the e-books were written for a UK banking website and focused on bank accounts and credit card types in the UK. Other topics included how to get the best deal on a used car, how to plan a tropical vacation, SEO for beginners, online marketing for music teachers, trading in stock options and an introduction to the paranormal.

Projects by Writing Style


Deb maintains several personal blogs on various topics, and has written regularly for numerous ongoing and completed paid blog projects. The topics on which she writes include coffee, food, herbs, health, mesothelioma, real estate, poetry, jewelry, baby clothes, fashion, the environment, and politics. She easily varies her voice from casual to authoritative but personal as dictated by the client.


Deb has written well over 1,000 short articles and blog posts on health-related topics, including asthma, diabetes, cancer, allergies, dental issues, alternative treatments, herbs, nutritional supplements, and autism. The articles have appeared on article directories, medical practice blogs, legal blogs and product websites, as well as on general interest blogs to which the topics relate.


As a member of several freelance writing teams, Deb has written sales letters, promotional blog posts, press releases and advertising copy for a broad range of small and medium businesses. Her advertorial style is especially suited to pre-sellling pages and soft sell landing pages. Her particular expertise lies in meeting keyword requirements unobtrusively.

Projects by Company Size

Small Business

Deb maintains an ongoing relationship to provide blog posts, short articles, reviews and other content related to coffee for a popular website on coffee. The work includes keyword optimized short articles, meta descriptions, instructional articles with photographs, and original recipes that include coffee as an ingredient.

Medium Business

Deb provided 50 summaries of mesothelioma-related information by state for a legal website. The scope of the work included additional articles on the history of asbestos in each state, sites where asbestos may have been mined and/or used and important legal cases in each state. The project included an ongoing component to supply 3-5 summaries of news items related to asbestos and asbestos litigation for six months.