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Journalistic and news style, how-to, website content, promotional, press releases, feature articles, report, profile, other styles as necessary


Outside of writing my interests include mental health, psychology, natural medicine, herbology, parenting, environmental issues, natural living, sustainability, organic farming, pets and animals, photography and fiction.


Strayer University
Criminal Justice,
Pierce Community College
Early Childhood Education, Special Education, Psychology, Development, Anthropology,
Herbal Healer Acadamy
Herbology, Natural Medicine,
NRI School of Writing
Fiction Writing, Certificate of Completion
Portland Community College
EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), Screenwriting, Creative Writing, Sociology,

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Malysa has extensive experience writing on food and food-related topics. Her writing includes original recipes, food news, tips for saving money on food, meal planning, Kosher foods and kashrut, organic and natural foods, growing your own, cooking with kids and more. Her current food writing includes a regular column focused on local and sustainable foods and her own website focused on kosher foods. She is also a topic editor for the herbs and spices food category online. Malysa is in the process of creating her own cookbook and has written several cookbook reviews as well.


Malysa's health-related writing focuses on maintaining physical health naturally and on mental health and well-being. She is a feature writer and topic editor for Psychiatric Disorders. Most of Malysa's writing focuses not only on identifying mental health issues, but provides tips and strategies for dealing with or working with adults and children who have a mental illness. Malysa has worked extensively with several psychologists and psychiatrists in the field providing observations and documentation, as well as creating treatment plans and ongoing support. She has an educational background in psychology, EMT (emergency medical technician), herbology, natural medicine and midwifery.


As a garden writer, Malysa's main focus has been on food and theme gardens. She tries to write articles that are simple enough for beginners, yet relevant and useful for advanced gardeners. In addition to her own writing, she is also the topic editor for the vegetable gardening category for a well-known website. Her passion is for herbs and natural crops that benefit the home gardener. She also writes beyond the basics of gardening to incorporate kids in the garden and make use of extra crops by creating gifts for family and friends.


Malysa has written several craft related articles and project instruction guides. Most of her arts and crafts related writing is geared towards children, written in simple and easy to understand formats. Her crafts for kids articles are relevant for use in the classroom as well as individual projects, all child-directed, rather than adult-directed and designed to enhance the child's learning experience. Main topics include nature crafts, gardening crafts, food crafts and holiday crafts.

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Malysa writes articles on a wide range of topics and formats, based on the client's needs. The majority of her articles are related to food and cooking, pets and pet rescue, natural and sustainable living, mental health, education and other miscellaneous topics. Her articles typically range anywhere from 150 to 2,000+ words, depending on the topic and the client's needs or requirements. Formats include news, how-to, interviews, reviews, informational, educational and more.


Malysa has taken on several copywriting projects for outside companies and private clients. She writes on a wide range of topics including: Law, auto insurance, product descriptions, real estate, finance, education, careers and other website copy.

News Story

Malysa currently writes a regular column for an online newspaper where she writes local news. She also writes for another online news source, providing well0researched news, as well as original reporting. In addition to local news coverage of stories that interest her, she writes on a wide range national topics as well. Whenever possible, she provides complete original reporting. When necessary, she thoroughly researches the topic and provides her own spin on the news story, adding in something more than what has already been reported.