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Before beginning his career as a freelance writer, Alan began writing while the owner of a pharmaceutical competitive intelligence firm. There he honed his primary and secondary research skills and developed his writing style so that he writes in a concise manner, in understandable language, for big Pharma executives in marketing, planning, and sales. This allowed him to transition easily into ... more...

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Alan loves to learn new things. With exceptional research skills, his interests are always expanding. Fields he most enjoys writing about are medical/health/Biopharm, legal, finance, insurance, travel, IT for small and medium-sized businesses, supply chain management, manufacturing, search engine marketing optimization, and product descriptions.


Alan is a reader. Although he has great technological savvy he insists on having real books and newspapers in his hand when possible. When possible, Alan takes breaks with Jake, his Australian Cattle dog. They walk the nature preserve surrounding his Folsom home where Jake tries to learn the calls of the hundreds of waterfowl surrounding his home all year long. After many years of practice, all his attempts have failed. Jake Update: having failed at bird calls, Jake now holds a fascination with squirrels. Several times now, he has attempted to climb trees to join them for play. Alas, Alan frets he will fail at this endeavor too.


Xavier University
Health Care Management, MBA

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Successfully passed copywriter certification from WA

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Alan holds a general writing certificate from Writer Access

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Alan holds a copywriter certification from CopyPress

Experience Summary

Projects by Industry


Alan has a health care background in the pharmaceutical industry. He writes about new drugs, medical devices and the FDA as well as related topics.


Having a Master in Health Care Administration, Alan enjoys a wide following for his articles on: Medical Devices Prescription Drugs Hospital Operations Mal-practice issues More


Alan has written countless articles about travel. He has written nearly 200 about visiting and touring Oregon and other United States locations. Frequently, the articles for travel are requested by travel sites, real estate sites and auto dealerships seeking SEO rich articles, that are nearly 100 percent information, and almost if not entirely not a sales pitch.


Alan has a Master's Degree in Health Care. He writes frequently on health related topics that are varied and include: Health Insurance Health and Politics VA Health Care and Benefits Physicians Specialties Side effects of medications Elective Surgical Procedures Cosmetic Surgeries


Alan has numerous articles published concerning the value of online education, education as a tool to advance careers and how to select the right school of higher learning.

Consumer Goods

From landing pages to product descriptions Alan has written extensively in the consumer goods market.


One of Alan's areas of interest is the law. He has written for several legal firms including those who specialize in: Criminal Law Personal Injury Wine Industry Family Law Real Estate Law


Alan has written for high tech from about computer systems to 3D printing and nanotechnology. He is a geek and loves the research needed to produce a quality article or post.


Alan E. has extensive writing experience in the hospitality field. He writes on vacation destinations, vacation rental properties, vacation activities, restaurant reviews, articles about chefs and activities for kids.

Real Estate

Alan E. has written numerous articles and blogs on real estate topics. His portfolio in real estate includes: Real Estate Descriptions City/Community blogs Live and Work in ----- articles Value of Realtors Blogs for real estate sites Vacation rental property blogs


Alan's writing in the area of finance includes many topics such as: How to Get A Mortgage How To Find A Missing Retirement Plan Understanding Your Credit Score Getting Out Of Debt Car Financing Estate Planning He has a knack of taking dry material and making it engaging.


Alan has written extensively on home repair and maintenance including: Plumbing problems Septic Systems Pools Lighting Landscaping


With an MBA from Xaver University and a former owner/operator of Electric Control Services, Alan has developed a keen understanding of utility companies. He has written about rebates to businesses and homeowners from utility companies, especially electricity. He also has written about water and gas utilities.

Search Marketing

As a content writer, Alan E. has read extensively on Search Engine Optimization and local search marketing. He has a self-taught expertise that has been successful in helping clients to improve their search engine rankings. He also writes articles and blogs for Internet marketing companies on the topic of Search Marketing.


With an MBA from Xavier University, Alan has written many articles and blogs about managing businesses of all sizes. From essential tips for start-ups to ideas and white papers about reverse logistics, he writes for companies of all sizes.

Non Profit

Alan is experienced working and writing about non-profits. For many years he worked as an executive in the non-profit hospital industry. He has written grant proposals, marketing materials and community outreach items.


Alan has written several articles dealing with automobile maintenance, emergency repairs and towing, used car buying and aftermarket auto parts.


As a hospital CEO, Alan often had hospital administration interns under his direction. Education and mentoring are things he enjoys immensely. He has taught at three medical schools and at an online university, He often writes blogs related to career success and other career advice.

Green Living

Alan is a former owner of a company that assisted commercial and industrial properties in energy conservation using "green" techniques. He often writes on the topic.


Alan is in demand for blogs about insurance. His writing experience includes: Auto Insurance Life Insurance Health Insurance Umbrella Insurance His work is engaging and easy for potential insurance buyers to understand.


Among the topics Alan writes about for the manufacturing sector are: Supply chain logistics Computer Technology and Manufacturing Regulatory Compliance - OSHA and Workers Compensation

Green Products

As a former owner of an electric conservation service contractor to commercial and industrial buildings, Alan understands the importance of Green Products and presents the topic in an engaging and often humorous way. He has written diversely on Green things, from products such as light bulbs and high-efficiency appliances to the social responsibility of companies in undertaking "green" initiatives.

Projects by SEO Skill

Title/Meta Descriptions

Alan E. supplies description and meta tags for all his work. He does not include this service as part of his word count.

SEO Keyword Requirements

Alan is quite skilled in SEO and successfully includes keywords in his copy in a natural way so that keyword repetition is not disturbing to the reader. As a result of the many changes to the Google and other major search engine algorithms, Alan is careful to use long-tail and related keywords.

Projects By Asset Type


As a content writer Alan has written articles on almost every topic imaginable. These include: Medicine Holistic Health Automobile Manufacturing Legal Marketing He is well versed in SEO and provides engaging, original and informative writing. He includes photos from the Public Domain so there are never any copyright issues and also provides H1 and H2 descriptions and meta tags.

Blog Post

Alan E. frequently writes for blogs and regularly ghosts for several clients. His blogging is diverse and includes topics such as: Kids activities Auto maintenance Real Estate Things to do Mexican Vacations Your Legal Rights He is well versed in SEO and provides engaging, original and informative writing. He includes photos from the Public Domain so there are never any copyright issues and also provides H1 and H2 descriptions and meta tags.


Alan has written many articles for content, all are original copy for blogs, web pages and articles. He believes that content is as important as SEO as there is no point to having a user land on a site if the content is not engaging.

Press Release

Press releases follow a particular formula that Alan is very familiar with. He writes press releases for companies announcing: New products Promotions of personnel New Personnel New Website Special offers

Projects By Profession

Research Writer

Alan is an experienced primary and secondary researcher. He learned his research skills as a competitive business intelligence analyst. One of the reasons he succeeded in this field was his exceptional skills ferreting out hard to find research items and his great interviewing skills.

Projects by Company Size

Small Business

Alan writes blogs and articles for small companies such as lawyers, real estate companies, and websites.

Large Business

Alan E. writes for large Universities, businesses and all levels of government. Projects include Logistic companies, banks and manufacturers.