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Cheryl has been writing professionally since 2007 and has published two family law e-books. She has an associate's degree in Paralegalism and has worked for two law offices since 2004. After she left the second law office, she went back to the first law office as an independent paralegal and worked from home. Cheryl continues to take attorney clients for drafting correspondence and pleadings. In ... more...

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Types of Writing: Articles, blog posts, research, informative and authoritative articles, legal, how to Subject: legal, family law, bankruptcy, civil law, personal injury, contract law, criminal law, automotive, vehicle repair, car repair, truck repair, recreational vehicles, motor homes, campers, dogs, cats, birds, pets, food, cooking, culinary arts


Dogs, drag racing, family law, legal, gardening, wood carving, building


Manchester Community College
Paralegal/Prelaw, A.S.

Honors and Awards

Letters and Press Release

Cheryl took part in an internship working for the Secretary of State's Office for the State of Connecticut. The year she worked as an intern was the first year that the program was offered to students in the paralegal program at Manchester Community College, where Cheryl received a two-year degree in Paralegal Studies. Cheryl has letters of thanks from her superiors and notes from clients who applied to incorporate businesses. She was also featured in a press release about the program. Cheryl was offered full time work with the Secretary of State, which she turned down as she had planned to move to Florida to attend a private university for pre-law.


A.S. Degree in Paralegal Studies
Manchester Community College
Cheryl received her degree in Paralegal Studies in 1994. Classes included legal research (the old-fashioned way!), real estate, estates and trusts, business law, administrative law and base classes such as English, social studies and math (statistics and finite math).

Experience Summary

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Cheryl has written hundreds of "how to" automotive articles for various content sites. She has also written about specific topics such as the importance of choosing the proper tire, tire care, engine care and other general-type articles. Cheryl's automotive experience is hands-on: She owned and operated an auto repair shop with her husband DonB. She worked on most types of cars and light trucks. Most of her work entailed drivability and engine repair from oil changes to engine rebuilding. Cheryl's first engine rebuild was the 350 c.i. engine on her 1972 Nova. When the engine was done, it was bored and stroked and sported a 6:71 Weiand Supercharger with two .465 racing carburetors.


Cheryl works as an independent paralegal for attorneys and individuals who need help filing divorce pleadings. She drafts pleadings and correspondence for attorney clients. She has written many articles for various sites, blogged and wrote feature articles. Her specialties are family law and bankruptcy, but she also has experience working on criminal, personal injury, civil and contract cases.


Cheryl has written many articles for different clients on all types of outdoor activities, including plants, landscaping, decks, sheds, ATVs, UTVs, recreational vehicles, hunting and fishing. Cheryl has also written several camping and survival articles. Her hands-on experience includes riding ATVs, UTVs, tent camping, RV camping, hiking, fishing and hunting.

Real Estate

Cheryl is a paralegal who has worked on real estate contracts and lawsuits. She also worked with a developer to sell condo units. Cheryl has written many articles, blog posts and web pages for real estate agents and understands the buying, selling and the closing processes.


Cheryl has done many articles for different sites on certain gardening topics. She has seven acres and is constantly working on landscaping, hardscaping and clearing the brush from the wooded acreage so she has room for more projects.


Cheryl has written quite a few articles on dogs and birds for a number of sites. She is familiar with different types of diets, including but not limited to no-grain diets, the raw diet and BARF. Cheryl also has hands-on experience in caring for dogs with environmental allergies and dogs who have an intolerance to certain foods.


Cheryl's experience in the food industry includes work in commercial kitchens such as the Sheraton at Bradley International Airport, Windsor Locks, Connecticut, and as a line cook in an upscale Italian restaurant. In both places, Cheryl worked as a line cook, but also helped in other areas of the kitchen, including the bakery and food prep. Cheryl enjoys creating new recipes and though she hasn't worked in the food service industry for many years, keeps her skills up at home and when she entertains. Cheryl's writing experience includes recipe articles and articles about food prep, food care and kitchen skills.

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SEO Keyword Requirements

Cheryl fits your keywords, including long tail keywords, into articles in a way that helps your content reach the first pages of search engines.

Link Building

Cheryl writes many articles that require internal linking. These are usually landing page articles that lead to more descriptive pages regarding the subject matter.

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Cheryl has been writing online content since 2007. Whether for SEO content or marketing content without SEO, she writes accurate and relevant articles to help entice consumers to your business website. She writes in several fields, including attorneys, real estate agents, dealerships, auto repair shops and several other types of service providers.

Web Page

Cheryl has completed thousands of web pages for clients, including informational pages and landing pages. Her clients include family law attorneys, contract attorneys, criminal law attorneys, bankruptcy law attorneys, estates and trusts attorneys, carpenters, doctors, plumbers, car dealerships, truck dealerships, motorcycle dealerships, RV dealerships and other recreational vehicle dealerships.

Blog Post

Cheryl currently writes blog posts for attorneys and content sites, including Writer Access. She understands the need for the perfect balance of SEO in each blog post. She also understands that most blogs need some type of call to action and writes proper calls to action for each blog post. She also realizes that some bloggers prefer not to add a call to action, and ensures that the blog posts cover the topic as completely as possible for the required length.


Cheryl has published three non-fiction e-books and is in the process of writing another e-book. She has also published a short story fiction e-book. She writes about things that she enjoys, including family law and home and gardening.

Projects By Profession


Cheryl has completed may copy writing projects for online businesses including landing pages, web pages, product descriptions and other online content. She has written SEO pieces and pieces that were designed to capture the audience's attention for attorneys, plumbers, flooring companies, pet-related companies, home and garden, real estate and automotive.


Cheryl has written thousands of legal articles on topics including family law, criminal law, probate and civil law for many different states. She worked in a law office for over 5 years in Florida before leaving to pursue writing about these topics. Since 2009, Cheryl has been providing paralegal services for attorneys. She provides legal correspondence, pleadings and other legal documents in many types of cases, including but not limited to family law, bankruptcy, criminal law, contracts, business start-ups, and on occasion, employment law and personal injury. Cheryl has also published two legal e-books to help people through the process of family law in Florida courts.

Projects by Writing Style


Cheryl has written thousands of "how to" articles and articles and/or blog posts for attorneys, all of which need an authoritative voice. She applies her knowledge and extensive research skills to these articles so that they are informative and correct.


Cheryl has written many promotional articles for dealerships, attorneys and various other businesses. She has an authoritative tone that makes potential customers click through to your main content or contact you.