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Michelle began writing for her local newspaper in 2006 as she contributed lifestyle pieces about her days of growing up on the farm. Now, she works for WriterAccess providing a variety of writing services that include product descriptions, landing pages, web page content, and informational articles. She has articles published on various online sites on topics such as ... more...

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Star Rating 6 Stars
Completed Orders 8,173
Last Login 4/4/2020
Location Pittsburgh, PA
Education Some College


Instructional how-to articles Landing pages Technical articles Product descriptions Blogs Web pages


As an old ski bum, Michelle loves participating in and watching winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. She also loves crossword and Sudoko puzzles that keep her mind sharp when she has a free moment to herself.


Central Westmoreland Career and Technology Center
9/1/1990 – 6/1/1993
Computer Business and Information Science, Technical degree

Experience Summary

Projects by Industry


Michelle writes articles about personal finances -- such as methods of filling out tax forms, completing business statements, and creating accounting ledgers. She also writes about laws concerning the finance industry, advice on marketing and business strategies, procedures for project development, and how to perform internal auditing on financial accounts.


Drawing on her experience in operating a wedding business, Michelle writes informative articles about a variety of business topics. She has written articles about starting a business, investing in franchises, managing employees, and obtaining small business financing.


Michelle writes job descriptions that detail business employment, common job functions, salaries, and projected employment outlook in a variety of industries. Information will include the necessary education and skills required to perform job duties. Readers will also learn about how to advance in their position to obtain the sought-after career.


Looking for informative descriptions concerning products and services such as what makes up a product, how it is used, and how to troubleshoot problems? Michelle has provided informative articles and white papers on construction and technology topics. She can write about equipment uses, safety issues, methods on how to complete a project, and general industry information. In addition, she has written articles regarding procurement of materials, shipping procedures, warehouse processes and performing customer service.


Michelle writes articles, websites, and landing pages for contractors and businesses in the home construction industry. Whether a business wants to market house plans for custom homes or provide advice about leaking roofs, Michelle has the writing experience to take complicated construction procedures and simplify the topics so everyone can understand the information.

Real Estate

Michelle has helped realtors and real estate agents develop landing pages and websites for their businesses. Her writing targets specific cities as she talks about the benefits of buying or selling a home in the specified region. She has also written topics about how agents can build their professional careers by finding leads, adopting time management techniques, and networking with other professionals.

Projects by SEO Skill

SEO Keyword Requirements

Writing SEO-related articles with the required meta descriptions can be tricky when trying to work around Google requirements. Michelle writes articles that follow the client's specific instructions for keyword requirements, meta tags, and meta descriptions. She provides keyword-rich content that is entertaining.

Projects By Asset Type

Web Page

Michelle creates landing pages and content for web pages. She writes about the services or products a business offers as her writing is clear and concise. Topics that she has written about include: clothing, pets, landscaping, computers, electronics, business security, home construction, health, travel, and legal services.

Blog Post

When Michelle isn't writing entertaining posts on her blog about the misadventures of being a writer, she is providing blog posts for her clients. She writes content that appeals to her clients' readers as she provides advice, tips and additional business information that makes readers visit the blog again and again.


Michelle has written articles about numerous topics that include fashion, travel, furniture, construction, home improvement, real estate and business. She performs the necessary research to ensure articles are informative while giving her clients content that is original and creative.


Michelle writes ad content and product descriptions that capture the details of a service or product. She adds required SEO keywords in a natural manner that doesn't compromise the content of the ad. She also creates bulleted lists targeting the important aspects of the featured product or service.


When an article feels dated and needs to be rewritten with fresh content, Michelle has provided her copywriting services to give factually correct content that engages the reader. She has written how-to articles, informational content, and product reviews on a variety of topics. She has also rewritten web pages for clients.

News Story

Michelle writes news stories featuring compelling and informative content. She gets to the heart of the story using exhaustive research methods so that all information is factually accurate as clients walk away with the news story they need.

Projects By Profession

Research Writer

Michelle creates articles using the required research methods to make well-rounded, informative content with accurate facts and attribution to reliable sources. Articles that Michelle has focused on include travel, business, career, construction and a variety of other topics.

Creative Writer

While building her skills as a fiction writer, Michelle has used her creativity to create engaging content that captures the reader's attention while providing helpful information regarding the topic at hand. She has written blog posts, product descriptions, and articles featuring a wide range of topics as her creativity makes her writing stand out from the crowd.


Michelle provides copywriting services to a number of clients through WriterAccess. She has written blog posts, website landing pages, and promotional articles to market a company's services and products to customers. She adds the required SEO preferences into the article while still making the writing engaging.

Projects by Writing Style


Michelle writes directly to the reader, giving useful information that further clarifies the article's content. Her writing grabs the attention of the reader from the first sentence as they can't turn their eyes away until the last word is read.

Projects by Company Size

Small Business

Michelle writes articles about starting a small business or franchise venture. She explains topics such as how to acquire the necessary resources to fund the venture, ways to hire employees, how to gather financial records and the correct manner to file the necessary tax forms. She draws her writing knowledge from when she was self-employed in the wedding business for over ten years.