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With over 20 years as a freelancer, Holli has worked as a writer and graphic artist. She has written on a wide variety of subjects including, but not limited to, exotic pets, knitting, property rental, online dating and carpet cleaning. After running an exotic pet rescue for 14 years, she has a lot to share about animal care, wellness and products. ... more...

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Location Baltimore, MD
Education Masters Degree


Holli specializes in writing about animals, pets, crafts and sports.


Holli has been an avid knitter for over 40 years. She started rescuing pets as a child and has helped over 1,500 animals find adoptive homes.


University of Baltimore
Publications design (writing and graphics), Masters of Art

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Holli ran an exotic pet rescue for 14 years. During her experience with exotics she has gained a unique point of view. A high percentage of these animals had physical problems so she learned a lot about first aid and care for sick animals.


As a single person, Holli has had many good, bad, weird and just plain crazy experiences in relationships. Her work writing about online dating is extensive.


Holli has written countless articles in the area of fibers and yarn, knitting and other crafts. As a person who has been knitting for many years, she has a unique insight into the craft.


Holli has learned about weight lifting and fitness in general due to her experiences working with a personal trainer. She knows some little tricks how to work out at home without joining a gym.

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By doing lots of research, Holli has written blogs for several clients. The wide variety of topics include carpet cleaning, dining out and organizing.