Randall C
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Randall is a Chicago-based freelance writer with immense experience in the industry. He is a seasoned writer in entertainment, sports, and general listicle content. He specializes in catering content to specific audiences and has played a part in getting content to go viral, bringing in page views for his clients. ... more...

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Star Rating 5 Stars
Completed Orders 9,670
Last Login 4/4/2020
Location Roscoe, Illinois
Education Associates Degree


Creative writing, blog posts, casual content, listicles, entertainment, sports.


Randall is a lover of family, fiction, and friends. He's a full time writer, a full time sports enthusiast, and a regular actor in the Chicago media market.


Rock Valley College
1/1/2011 – 1/1/2013
English, Associates Degree

Experience Summary

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Randall has been the lead writer for a number of gossip and entertainment websites on the internet. With over 200 articles under his belt, this tabloid style of writing has become as natural as anything can be.


Randall is a focused, content-driven writer that specializes in timely turnarounds. He has worked in the sports niche for nearly a decade and has an enthusiast's understanding of most major sports as well as the gambling industry surrounding them. From understanding picks and parlays to working the spread to your advantage, he is able to effectively communicate essential gambling tips to his readers. He is also comfortable adapting my schedule to meet the various deadlines that are intrinsic to live events.


A devout foody, Randall has written for various blogs and websites on the subject of exquisite cuisine. Drawing inspiration from his real life palette and various other culinary cornerstones, such as Anthony Bourdain and Adam Richman, Randall provides an interesting take on the gastronomically inclined.


Randall has grown up in the world of video games and as such his experiences have put him in the drivers seat of the niche. He has experience with all consoles, games, and industry related events. He has produced content for various mills, online, for the past four years.

Green Living

Randall has more than 5 years of experience in the world of organic gardening and living green. His profession as an organic gardener for a high end retail chain has led him to learn about many different topics related to the idea.


Randall has produced SEO driven articles for various content mills on the internet that focused on agriculture, green thumbs, and general gardening knowledge. He has also managed an organic gardening store for the past four years.

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Randall has written or edited hundreds of SEO driven articles for various content mills on the internet. He has a broad range of interest in different topics and can cover any article that needs SEO production.