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Anna B. has a Bachelor's degree in Humanities with concentrations in art history, communication, literature, history and music. She has written a number of stories for children of all ages, poetry, movie reviews and papers on a vast amount of topics. She has extensive knowledge of animals with a background in Equine Sports Massage, Companion Pet Therapeutic Massage, Energy work with animals and ... more...

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Anna B specializes in writing stories for children, movie reviews, finding fascinating family events, and shares teaching tips from her homeschooling experiences which include lesson plans, fun activities, great field trip ideas and more. Anna has an extensive background in alternative medicine and loves to help others find their path to healing and self discovery through discussing aromatherapy uses, massage modalities and their benefits , how energy healing is beneficial. Her studies as a Veterinary Assistant combined with her alternative medicine expertise help her share how companion animals and horses can also benefit from these wonderful alternative options for healthcare.


Anna B. has a passion for learning. She is interested in foreign languages, cultures, world cuisine, animals, veterinary medicine, therapeutic massage, energy healing, aromatherapy, movies, music, art, humanities, horses, horse back riding,homeschooling and finding great family events.


University of Texas
8/1/2012 –
Art, Communication, Humanities
New Beginning School of Massage
Basic Massage and Advanced Massage Techniques, Massage Therapy


Equine Sports Massage

Reiki Level Three- Master/Teacher

Reiki Level 2

Reiki Level 1

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As a homeschooling parent Anna is always seeking the next adventure for her family. From learning the ABCs to field trips to finding events just for fun Anna is always on the look out and ready to share the inside scoop!


Anna loves animals. She has a background in massage therapy and energy work for horses and companion animals such as dogs and cats. She has taken several courses related to the veterinary technician field and plans to continue her education. She has rescued several dogs and cats. She is also a volunteer for several organizations involving animal rescue and animal therapy programs.


Licensed Massage Therapist for over 7 years. Over 500 hours of training hours in numerous classes including aromatherapy, techniques, spa, business, and more. Reiki Level 1 certification Reiki Level 2 certification Reiki Level 3 Master Teacher certification

Self Help

Anna has written a number of articles about Reiki energy healing, interpreting dreams, animal guides and other spiritual related articles.


Anna has written a number of reviews for books, movies and stores. She has also written top ten lists, different careers, arts and crafts projects and recipes.

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Anna B. has used SEO for clients who requested this for their websites which were also designed and built by Anna.

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Web Page

Anna has been designing and building web pages for a number of years. Her most recent web page projects include designing websites for massage therapists, energy healers and psychic readers.


Anna has written a number of articles on a variety of topics including animals, science, spirituality and more.

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Creative Writer

Anna B. has written several children stories, short fiction, designed websites, blog entries, social media updates, screen plays and has helped edit a diverse collection of papers.

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Small Business

Anna has written blog entries, social media updates and designed websites for several clients. Some of these clients include massage therapists, psychic readers and energy healers.