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Jeana is close to her bachelor's degree in Child Psychology. She has been writing since childhood. She has been featured in community newsletters and podium presentations. She excels in writing satires and poetry, but is open to any road that leads to more knowledge and exposure. She relishes a challenge and is not afraid to get all the dirty little details. ... more...

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Jeana specializes in outdoorsmanship, travel, sports, parenting, teaching, hula hooping and music.


Jeana is a dubious person by nature and therefore needs to try all things herself rather than taking anyone else's word. In doing so, she has discovered that she is a lover of the outdoors, music, soccer, reading, writing (duh), animals, children and hula hooping. She is an advocate for children's rights, and has a huge humanitarian heart, dedicating much of her time to volunteering with non-profits.


University of Minnesota
Child Psychology and Spanish,

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Jeana is an avid reader and writer. Her work is greatly influenced by whomever she is reading at the time, mixed with her own personal flair for sarcasm. Real life is such that there is little choice. One must either laugh or cry. Jeana chooses to spin real life stories in a way that may amuse the reader, however, like most satire, there is a point to the madness.


As a current teacher and previous child care worker for children with emotional and behavioral disorders, Jeana feels confident in her educational expertise.


People often quip, that with her Child Psychology background, Jeana should be able to right all their kids, including the grown up ones! Ha! If it were that easy, there would be no money in Child Psychology. However, Jeana does beleive that each approach to each child, must absolutely be as unique as that child.