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Neetu M earned a Bachelor's Degree in English from Delhi University in 1981 and a Diploma in German from Goethe Institute, Munich, Germany. She also attended Karl Franzens University in Graz, Austria for one year. ... more...

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Travel, food, children, health, parenting, lifestyle.


People, places and cultures are the tapestry into which Neetu weaves her perceptions through writing. Travel has been a major part of her life and gives her the impetus and the inspiration to broaden her horizons. She is a devoted mother who spent 2 decades raising children, being involved with schools and the community during that time. She belongs to a few social networks where she has a column and writes about life. Neetu loves to read, and her favorites are classic and contemporary literature. She is an avid cook who experiments with international recipes and also creates her own. She keeps herself well-informed about world affairs and influences that shape our lives.


Karl Franzens University, Graz and Goethe Institute, Munich, Germany
German, Diploma
University of Delhi
English, BA (Honors)

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As an avid traveler herself, Neetu can relate to any aspect of the travel experience and provide excellent content. Travel involves transportation, accommodations, area highlights, off-the-beaten-track tips, cuisines to discover, regional history and myths and all local adventures that make a trip a true journey of the mind, body and spirit.


Neetu writes hotel descriptions and tourism information vividly, clearly and imaginatively. She can modify elements and style to suit the requirements of the client. All articles are well-researched, thorough and instructions are carefully followed.


Neetu's love of food and her interest in a variety of cuisines inspires her to bring foods from around the world to the readers. From the simplest fare to the most exotic, her description can be customized to a client's needs to create the image required. Lively and conversational, or formal and elegant, she can define the subject with grace and quality.


Neetu has written health-related articles on a variety of topics ranging from descriptions of vitamins and supplements to resources for patients suffering from cancer or chronic conditions, alternative therapies and benefits from natural products available in the market today. She does extensive research to ensure that her information is accurate and drawn from verifiable sources.

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Neetu has been writing articles for the web which frequently require keywords dealing with the specific industry or topic. These encompass a wide range - hotel descriptions requiring name of hotel, health articles relating to certain conditions, tourism articles featuring specific resorts and destinations, solar power articles with specific keyword requirements, among others. In addition, Neetu also has experience with link-building.

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Blog Post

Neetu has written several blog posts on diverse topics for her clients. She also writes her own. Restaurant guides, food and wine articles, health topics, tour and travel destination descriptions covering islands, cities, small towns, holiday resorts and vacations spots are her particular area of interest and expertise. In addition, she has written blog posts on health and fitness for clients.

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Journalistic writing is one of the styles Neetu is familiar with. She has written for clients who require articles on world topics of interest, new developments on the diplomatic front and on the economic crisis of the European Union member countries. She has also written a post on China's mistreatment of its Apple factory staff and the investigations conducted by various organizations.