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The LifeTips Story

The year was 2000. The web was young, and LifeTips was born. Our mission was, and still is, to make life better, smarter, faster and more fun! The company was founded by Byron White, a successful entrepreneur with a track record that's a mile long.

By 2001, the LifeTips magic had caught on, attracting tens of thousands of readers and hundreds of expert writers—all passionate about publishing great tips and advice to readers and fans.

To generate revenue, we invited advertisers to exclusively sponsor a topic. In came major clients like Circuit City, Chase, H&R Block, PETCO and hundreds more. This wild jouney of chasing sponsors to survive later ended when Google launched Adsense to the publishing world.

In 2005, we launched the weekly LifeTips Radio Show to reach listeners and fans orbiting at high speeds. The now-popular show boasts more than 350 episodes featuring big-time guests and published authors. IHeartRadio features the LifeTips show, and more than 1 million downloads have been recorded on iTunes to date.

In 2006, we expanded our scope to include book publishing services for writers, eventually publishing more than 50 books in the next five years to further help get the words out, and fans in.

In 2016, we opened the model up to volunteers keen on our mission. Their tips, advice and writing skills are so great, we call them Gurus! In exchange for their efforts, we help them advance their career with reach to readers and fans.

Byron White is also the founder of ideaLaunch, WriterAccess, Content Marketing Conference, and many more. He's the host of the LifeTips Radio Show, and popular speaker on content marketing topics.

Readers, Listeners, Authors, Writers—Everybody wins at LifeTips!