Dreams are meant to be lofty. Don’t let the realist inside you write yours off too early.

Doubt. That huge daunting monster that has a way of ruining your plans with it’s negativity and persuasiveness isn’t as huge or as daunting  as you think.

When we pull back the curtain, we see that doubt is simply the voice of the realist.

The realist wants to know the plan, including where the time and money will come from. However, in the early phase of dreaming, you may not know. Don’t let the realist immediately turn into a monster who might judge or obliterate your idea.

Give the realist the information it needs. If you ignore or reject it, it will cleverly agitate or distract you. Being realistic offers prudence and makes you do your homework, but if you are overly realistic or go to strategy too soon, you will most likely compromise the dream and kill your passion.

Use doubt to your advantage. It is important to be realistic when you are setting your short term goals because this will help you set attainable goals and avoid disappointment.

The Doubt Monster vs The Realist

When you hear different voices–the doubt monster and the realist–it becomes difficult to overcome obstacles. When the two voices merge, they can become muddled and result in confusion and poor decisions. You might poison your dream by projecting doubt into it. Then with each step you take toward what you want, you also move toward your doubt.

Doubt and fear do not belong in your dream. These feelings are simply part of your reality.

Dream vs Reality

Overcoming obstacles may mean getting out of your own way. Don’t let doubt and fear kill off the possibilities of your dream by being overly realistic. Dreams are meant to be lofty.

The time to be realistic in the dreaming process is when you are working on strategy. But if you go there too soon, you may compromise your dream before it takes wings.

Hear your dreamer’s voice. Let it communicate exactly what it wants, its wildest desires. Turn the volume up so you can also clearly hear its insights, wisdom and gifts. Swing outside of “being realistic” and trust that your dreamer’s voice knows what it needs.

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