Babies Don’t Need Coaching (Nor Therapy)

We live in a very busy world. The hustle and bustle of life can be unnerving.

I had a potential client come in to discuss coaching a little while ago. He was in a constant state of anger and wanted life to shift away from the anger. Nothing traditional had worked to date.  Even though this client had a very successful business, an amazing family, traveled the world – happiness was nowhere to be found. We agreed to work together.

Part of my process is to have the client journal daily. Through this client’s journaling a pattern emerged. (In my experience, usually a few incidents from childhood occur and out of the story each person creates from those incidents, a repeating pattern occurs in their life.) This client was no different.

When this pattern emerges through their writing, we begin to see the old battle wound. Through the work I do with awareness and the impact, the wound can be healed.  Once this wound is healed, the experience of life is shifted.  Their life returns to a space of joy and love.  Yes, life still comes at them, but they now have awareness of how the mind works.  They understand.  Having them understand their created stories and how to shift them, even in the face of life.

In one of our more interesting sessions I asked – Why don’t babies need therapy?  “That is the silliest question I have ever heard” the client snapped back.  Then a smile emerged.   The client understood .

A baby’s mind is clear.  It has yet to be filled with the thoughts and emotions of life.   The wounds have not been inflicted yet.  As such, a baby expresses everything that is there, and once expressed the baby moves on to another thought.  They are present.

Babies don’t need therapy because they are pure love, simply pure potential.  As the center of the Universe, they just get to be love.

And as I worked with the client, we began to see glimmers of this love.  As the drama and trauma of life cleared, the client was able to return to the original state – love.

And from a place of love – the experience of life shifted.  And for the first time, the client was able to really enjoy life.  The next vacation taken was fully enjoyed as a family.

I am a coach – trained and certified in what I do.  My mastery is in thought awareness and human potential.  My greatest joy is working with people such that their experience of life shifts. Their life is still filled with ‘life,’ yet who they are in that life has shifted.

This week, become aware of your thoughts.  Just ‘see’ them. Notice which thoughts you give power to.  Write the thought down.  Ponder why you give this thought your power.

And create an incredible week.

Contributed by Executive, Life and Spirituality Coach, Jim Pehkonen

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