Stress Techniques and Coaching

So have you realized that you are buried under a pile of stress and need help digging out? There are a variety of stress management techniques available to help you.

Stress management and stress reduction techniques can include seeing different types of life coaches.

Fitness/Health Coaches:

Stress relief depends on mental health, but many people find that using exercise can be a great reliever of pent up anxiety and energy.

Career/ Business Coaches

If you have dreams of succeeding in business and in your personal life, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep your mind clear and ready for action! Working with a coach focused on clearing your mind in order to succeed in your career can do wonders for your stress levels.

Spirituality Coach:

Some people suffering from stress and panic attacks turn to spirituality coaches for guidance with zen meditation, transcendental meditation, and other deep thinking or relaxation techniques.

A 5-year study is currently evaluating whether stress management can ease mental health distress and physical symptoms in breast cancer patients. Researchers are testing whether tai chi training and spiritual-growth groups reduce stress and enhance coping strategies.

Tai chi is described as meditation in motion that focuses on slow, graceful movements to increase strength and flexibility and to improve balance and circulation. Spiritual coaches allow people to express emotions and discuss pain and stress in a supportive environment. Both approaches should normalize levels of stress-related hormones like cortisol and endorphins by allowing expression of feeling and emotion and the focus and inner balance afforded by tai chi.

If you are in a stressful period of your life, try to keep yourself from turning inward. Find a coach that can listen and help you reconnect with your body.

Believe in and commit to your dream

Your Beliefs Are Never Neutral.

Our attitudes determine what we think and feel and the choices we make. They will either move you forward or hold you back. But what most of us forget is that we can choose what we are going to believe.

Choose to believe in your dreams because they matter to you. When you believe, you can make dreams come true. Faith in yourself is critical to your own success.

However, it is not the only step to achieving your dreams. Once you’ve visualized yourself achieving your goal, now visualize the steps necessary to achieve that goal and formulate a plan to guide you to success.

Demonstrate Your Commitment.

Are you more committed to your dream or to your doubt? Do the things you hold close embody your innermost values?

You can tell by the actions you are or are not taking everyday. If you are taking actions to achieve your dreams on a daily basis then you have made your dream a priority.

However, if you are neglecting or even hindering your dream then you have not yet made achieving your dream a priority. Prove that your dream is a priority by making time for it and taking powerful steps forward.

Inspire and Be Inspired

Be inspiring.

Show up big, bold and outrageous.

Be the spark that ignites creativity and passion at home and at work.

Demonstrate what it means to be a true dreamer, by following your heart and encouraging others to do the same. Inspiring others to achieve their dreams can actually give you the confidence you need to achieve your dreams.

Let Life Inspire You.

To inspire means “to breathe.” And as oxygen is necessary to sustain life, so inspiration is to dreaming. Discover what moves you. Be open to the world around you and become aware of how your surroundings can help you achieve your dreams.

It may be as simple as finding a quiet garden, going for a run or finding a creative outlet.

It’s also possible that a friend may be willing to share resources that can put you on the path to success.

Keep your eyes open, remain aware of your surroundings, and don’t be afraid to rock the boat… You never know where it’ll lead.


Creating Life in the Face of Disaster

There is an old saying that goes something like: Whether you think you can, or you can’t, you are right.

In each moment we create our experience of the world. It is your created story that is the predictor of how you handle everything in life.

Each person is powerful in this realm. What if you really understood the power you have? Your experience of your world is only as powerful as the stories you live as real after an event. You always have choice on the outcome.

Here’s a doozy of an example:.
It was 1:39 in the morning. I was heading to a 10-day vacation with my new camper trailer. As a semi passed it on a windy night, the trailer began dancing. A wild disco/tango right there on the interstate. I was also dancing to keep it on the road. I lost.

Thirty seconds later my new trailer was tipped on the side of the road and my truck was blocking lanes while facing oncoming traffic. The rear of the truck was three feet in the air, still hitched to the now destroyed trailer. The semis coming at me were barely missing the truck and the police were having a hard time finding me as I was calmly telling the dispatcher,- “I’m the one with headlights facing east on the west bound side of I-80, 10 miles west of Winnemucca.”

In that moment I got to choose how my vacation went. I could collapse and be a wreck, just like my trailer. Or I could choose to move forward.

I powerfully chose the latter.

It took three hours to clear the wreckage. In those three hours, I filed my insurance claim and developed a plan to continue on my vacation.

At 5:30 a.m., the insurance company called and said they were totaling the trailer and I had one day to clear everything out. A salvage yard would claim it from the impound lot by the end of the day.

By 7:30 a.m., I had found a 24-hour superstore and purchased storage bins, a tent, sleeping bag, and the items to continue on my vacation. At 8 a.m., I was at the impound lot, ready to organize the heap which was, just a few hours prior, my new camper packed for 10 days in the desert.

By 3 p.m., I had organized everything out of the trailer so it could be salvaged, arranged storage for the stuff that was not going on my vacation, and repacked what was needed for my vacation in bins. Most of the stuff was then moved to storage and the truck was repacked and I was on my way.

By 9:30 that evening, I was at my camp spot in the desert for my vacation.

I got to say how my vacation went. Some people may have packed it in after a catastrophic accident. Some may have said it was too much and turned back. It provided me the opportunity to powerfully take on each moment. Yes, I had about a 16-hour delay. But I had a great vacation. I got to choose, powerfully.

This is the power of creating your experience of life and becoming unstoppable in the face of disaster. Life happens, every day. I live the principles I teach in my coaching. My clients learn the power they have in every situation. They choose to become unstoppable.

My commitment to my clients is this: bring your life, and I’ll bring a renewed way of experiencing your one incredible life.

This week, look at how you create your experience of life. See where you are stopped and what stops you. See where you are unstoppable. Become unstoppable; you can do it, if you choose.

Create an amazing week!

Contributed by Executive, Life and Spirituality Coach, Jim Pehkonen

Top 10 Reasons You Should Not Hire A Life Coach

So, it’s true that we’re biased over here at LifeTips. We love life coaches. But hey, I get it- life coaching isn’t for everyone. In fact I’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should NOT, under any circumstances, hire a life coach.

Here it is.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Not Hire a Life Coach

10. You’re cool with the notion that your best years are behind you.

9. Arrested Development describes more than just your favorite TV show.

8. You’re looking forward to your mid life crisis.

7. You hate Mondays, and you like it that way.

6. Your friends would be so bummed if you stopped complaining about work all the time.

5. You and your spouse only vowed to take each other “for worse”, so doing better would really mess things up.

4. The thought of making more money makes you cringe. You have enough, thanks anyways.

3. Your mother swears you’re perfect, so, you must be.

2. Now that recreational pot is legal in Colorado, you can’t afford it.

1. You’re Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. There’s really not much planning involved when everyday is February 2.

environment, employees, morale

Every person is motivated. The challenge is to create a work environment in which people are motivated about work priorities.

Too often, organizations fail to pay attention to the employee empowerment, employee recognition, communication, and involvement issues that are most important to the employees.

The first step in creating a motivating work environment is to stop taking actions that are guaranteed to deflate people. Identify and take actions that will motivate them. It’s a balancing act. Employers walk a fine line between meeting the needs of the organization and its customers and meeting the needs of its internal staff. Do both well and thrive!

The key to finding out what issues are most important to the employees is to ask them. Conduct anonymous surveys that encourage employees to share their true opinions. These surveys can be used to determine what issues are valued by the employees. Once the employer understands what issues need improvement, they can work to formulate a plan for implementing changes that will highlight these issues.

Motivation helps people achieve goals, gain a positive perspective, create the power to change, build self-esteem and capability, manage their own development and help others with theirs. There are no real disadvantages to successfully motivating employees, but there are many barriers to overcome.

Barriers may include unaware or absent managers, inadequate buildings, outdated equipment, and entrenched attitudes such as: We don’t get paid extra to work harder” or “We’ve always done it this way.” Such views will take persuasion, perseverance, and the proof of experience to break down.

Commercial success depends on employees using their full talents, yet managers often view motivation as something of a mystery. Individuals are motivated by different things and in different ways.

In addition, the flattening of hierarchies can create insecurity and lower staff morale. Employee morale lowers when employees feel as though their efforts are not being appreciated. Morale also takes a dip when employees feel in the dark about important company issues.

Taking the time to acknowledge the efforts of employees and keeping them informed of company issues can prevent morale from taking a plunge.

employee motivation, productivity and guidelines

Twyla Dell writes in “An Honest Day’s Work”:

“The heart of motivation is to give people what they really want most from work. The more you are able to provide what they want, the more you should expect what you really want, namely: productivity, quality and service.”

Employers want to maximize their profits and the way that they do this is by motivating their employees to succeed. Successful companies know that hard working and effective employees are their most valuable asset.

Guidelines are necessary for employee motivation.

Make a minimum number of rules and policies to protect your organization legally and create order.

Publish the rules and policies and educate all employees.

Let many employees join management in identifying organizational values; write value statements and a professional code of conduct.

Develop guidelines for supervisors and educate them about the fair and consistent application of the few rules and policies.

Address individual dysfunctional behaviors on a “need-to” basis with counseling, progressive discipline, and performance improvement plans.

Clearly communicate work place expectations and guidelines for professional behavior.

Finally, do not just discipline undesirable behaviors but be sure to also seek out ways to acknowledge desirable behaviors. Creating employee recognition programs will motivate employees to strive to do their best in the workplace.

Goal rhymes with control for a reason

Goal setting is a standard technique used by top-level athletes, successful business people and achievers in all fields.

It gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation.

It focuses your acquisition of knowledge and helps you to organize your resources.

When setting goals it’s important to remember that there are a number of factors that will be out of your control. However, what you can control is far more important than what you can’t- your optimism and dedication.

If you have optimism and dedication then all the roadblocks, obstacles, bad luck, set backs and unfortunate events in the world can’t stop you from reaching your goals. They can only delay you for a bit.

So get control of your thoughts. If you feel negativity and doubt creeping into your mind, address it and banish it before it holds you hostage.

If your ultimate life goal seems too daunting, map out an action plan. Set smaller, realistic goals to act as stepping stones. Achieving these targets will not only get you closer to your ultimate goal, you’ll also build confidence along the way.

So to sum up:

1. Decide what you want to do with your life and what large-scale personal goals you want to achieve.

2.  Break these goals down into the smaller and smaller targets that you must hit to reach your lifetime goals.

3. Once you have your plan, start working to achieve it.

4. When things start to feel out of your control, remember what you can control- your optimism and your dedication.

Once you control those 2 things, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. Goal rhymes with control for a reason 🙂

Share your dream and seek kindred spirits

Build Your Dream Team.

No, not for a pickup game of basketball. For your path of success in life.

Identify at least two essential people in your life to share your dream with. Now, call, write or email them today. Don’t hesitate! When you share your dreams with others you create more incentive to achieve them simply because you feel more accountable for your success.

Seek kindred spirits.

Find fellow big dreamers, people who share your values and optimistic outlook. Work together, play together, and develop strategic partnerships and alliances where everyone wins. You can find many of us in online communities and other places. Dreamers unite!

Share Your Dream.

Most of us don’t tell other people about our dreams because it makes us accountable to them. It’s a lot of responsibility having to make all your dreams true! Plus, our instincts are to avoid the unfamiliar. Take a chance and reach out to someone. When you have this healthy pressure to succeed you are more likely to work diligently to achieve your dreams.

Confide in Someone You Trust.

Discuss your thoughts and feelings with an empathetic friend or life coach. Consider what answers you may want from them, versus those you may need to hear. Be open and objective to their feedback and reflection. Imagine and appreciate their point of view.

When we are able to take criticism with grace and accept assistance without pride we often find that our dreams become a reality.

Longing for Belonging

Another yoga class and, thanks to an amazing Sage – the space for insight. So many of us seek to belong.

We seek the affiliation and belonging – longing for belonging, if you will. Yet, in our haste and fervor, we miss the most vital connection of all – the connection to our heart and soul.

Most of us seek connection based on the mind. We are judging and assessing everything around us. In the space of judging and assessing we create separation from our heart and soul – and from the world around us – leaving us lonely and alone.

When we create an incredibly busy mind; there is little peace.

There was a time when you were powerfully connected to your heart – when the world was filled with love; when you got to be transparent and the world returned that transparency; when you met someone and instantly became best friends. Everything was an adventure. This time was when you were young.

My lady has two young ladies – ages six and eight. Recently, we traveled to my brother’s house. My brother adopted a girl from China, who now is seven. When we walked through the door of his home, the girls met, and were inseparable until we left. They did everything together. All three young ladies have so much love in their being, that naturally they just shared it with each other, and with the family. Since then they have written letters and are excited for the next visit, happening in a few weeks.

Simply put, the young ladies honor their hearts; they honor each other and the bond instantly created. They belong. There is little to no judgment of anything, just acceptance and exploration. My niece was initially a little shy, which lasted about 30 seconds.

For most of us, the process of growing up marks a transition- from our hearts to our heads – we becoming distrustful and unsure in the world. We listen to the Thought Monsters in our heads. We empower the judgment and assessment that leaves us alone in the world.

This week, drop back into your heart, and into your original grace. When you do, you will feel the original belonging, that of acceptance and love for yourself. Your experience of life will shift. You will see life as through the eyes of a child, when you were never more than one thought away from belonging.

If that seems difficult, see where the difficulty lives in your mind. For 24 hours, just choose to belong by accepting yourself and loving yourself. When you see difficulty, be aware of it, let it go and accept yourself. After 24 hours, you can either renew the game for another 24 hours, or choose to return to how it was before – longing to belong. And if you play this game, along the way make note of where it feels hard to belong.

Growth lives in awareness.

Create an amazing week!

Contributed by Executive, Life and Spirituality Coach, Jim Pehkonen