Adi Tamam

Life, Relationship and Spirituality Coach

Toronto, ON


What clients say about Adi:

“Adi guided me, helped me and provided me with the most necessary life tools I will ever come across. During the 10 weeks we worked together, I was challenged, pushed and listened to with the most attentive and patient ear.” — E.D

“The FOM program and the coaching I received from Adi was more intimate and probing than I had ever expected.” —Pauline Thomasson

“Throughout our course, Adi stood beside me and continued to be an advocate for my greatness – she wouldn't stand for anything less. I am eternally shifted and grateful for Adi and her brilliance.” —Megan Harner

Adi’s approach to coaching:

Adi is engaging, intuitive, loving, daring and insightful. She sees the best in people and brings out her client’s strengths by helping them eliminate the beliefs that hold them back. Adi empowers her clients to break through their self-imposed limits, and she is not afraid to use tough love to lead others forward. Adi is dedicated to her client’s success. She establishes an intimate relationship with her clients where it becomes easy for them to be vulnerable and reveal their total selves. She values honesty and enjoys exploring human nature in its totality, especially the aspects of our nature that are hidden and considered “dark”. Adi facilitates openness by leaving judgment out of the coaching process. Adi isn’t afraid to open up and share her own personal life experiences with her clients.

Some background info:

Adi was born in Israel and has lived in several places around the world. She now lives in Toronto. Adi’s exposure to different cultures and frequent traveling has deepened her fascination with the human psyche. Adi has worked as an actress in the entertainment industry and she has worked as a Realtor for the past 7 years. Over the last few years Adi has touched the lives of hundreds of young professionals at The Kabbalah Centre of Toronto, by awakening their desire for greatness and being a catalyst in their personal and spiritual growth. For as long as she can remember, Adi has always wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. After making the most difficult decision in her life – ending an engagement and cancelling a wedding – Adi was dealing with many self-defeating beliefs and uncertainties about her future. She sought out coaching through Frame of Mind Coaching, and Dave, her 1-on-1 coach, helped her rediscover herself. From then on, Adi knew that she wished to do the same for others. She decided to pursue coaching as a career, and became dedicated to empowering people to reach their highest potential and to fulfill their deepest desires.

What Adi likes about coaching:

Adi has witnessed herself that coaching can quickly lead people to great places. She finds that journaling coupled with coaching makes a powerful combination that drastically deepens the coaching process. She has seen that journaling uncovers the difficulties, vicious patterns and blind spots that prevent clients from achieving their goals. She knows that coaching can help people discover magical things about themselves in unexpected ways.

Adi’s Quirks:

Adi constantly explores new places, ideas and activities. Adi can be serious and has been recognized for being wise beyond her years. However, she never lets her playful inner child hide for long. Adi does Ashtanga Yoga, plays a djembe drum, and paints on a regular basis. Adi loves probing concepts like truth, power, spirituality and consciousness.


Years Coaching
Total Clients
Frame of Mind Certification from Frame of Mind Coaching Inc.


York University
Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
Minimum Sessions
10 Sessions
Free Initial Consultation
Packages Offered
All clients begin with a 10 week coaching period with a weekly coaching call and daily communication with your coach.
Accepted Payments
Credit Cards
Sessions Offered
Phone Sessions
Solo Sessions
Group Sessions
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  • Life Happiness
  • Life Betterment
  • Big Decisions
  • Life Perspective
  • Spiritual Realization
  • Relationship Success
  • Female
  • Adults
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Young Professionals
  • Business Owners
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