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Jennifer is a professional freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience writing for both the Internet and print publications. Her areas of expertise include both SEO writing and non-SEO website content in areas including beauty, plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures, health, cosmetic dentistry, real estate, travel, food, and pets. ... more...

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SEO services include writing to any keyword density you specify and inclusion of primary and LSI keywords as requested. Jennifer is happy to work with clients until the proper SEO mix is found. Website content including landing pages, "About Us" pages, "FAQ" pages, and social networking profiles for clients. Print work including brochures, ad copy for newspapers and magazines, and magazine articles. Scriptwriting for use in schools and therapy programs for children. Jennifer writes Press Releases, scripts, e-books, blogs, and articles of all types.


Jennifer's interests include creating press releases and blogs, writing about health, non-surgical beauty treatments, beauty products, cosmetic surgery, non-invasive aesthetic treatments like Botox, Juvederm, microneedling, breast augmentation, non-surgical aesthetic treatments, plastic surgery, Bitcoin and other digital currencies, exercise, gardening, law, medicine, technology, insurance, electronics, and pets.


University of New Mexico
Journalism, Computer Science, Computer Science

Honors and Awards

Lifestyle Field Writer
In December 2011, Jennifer was chosen as a Lifestyle Writer for WriterAccess, making her one of a handful of writers selected for special projects that focus on health, leisure living, and improving the quality of life for people over age 55.

Editor's Picks WriterAccess Top 5 Health Field Writer
In April 2011, Jennifer was chosen as an Editor's Picks WriterAccess "Top 5 Health Writer," which honors her as one of the top five heath field writers on staff at WriterAccess.

Guest Blogger, WriterAccess Blog
In March 2011, Jennifer was chosen as a guest writer for the WriterAccess blog. Her piece, called "Scheduling for Success," contains tips for freelance writers, both beginners and experienced.

Experience Summary

Projects by Industry


Jennifer is a highly experienced beauty writer who has created both SEO content and print publication pieces in the beauty field. Her work includes numerous pieces on cosmetic surgeries including breast augmentation, mommy makeover, rhinoplasty, breast reconstruction, breast reduction, blepharoplasty, and permanent lip augmentation. She has also written a number of pieces on non-surgical beauty procedures such as Thermage, Fraxel, Botox injections, Dysport injections, collagen injections, dermal fillers, hyaluronic acid injections, Juvederm, SculpSure, SmartLipo, thread facelift, laser skin resurfacing, laser liposuction, microneedling, radiofrequency vein ablation, and most other cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. Jennifer also authors a blog focusing on beauty subscription boxes and beauty products, where she reviews beauty products, lifestyle products, and trends in the beauty world.


Jennifer is an experienced fitness writer who currently writes for The Arizona Republic's Healthy Living section online. Her personal love of fitness has led her to research and write about exercise and wellness. Topics Jennifer has covered in the past include swimming plans, interval routines for runners, weight routines for beginners, and building lean muscle quickly.


Jennifer has written many health field articles for both Internet and print publication. Her areas of expertise within the health field include fitness, pain management, Western medicine, Eastern natural healing, dental care, low carb diets, gluten free diets, vegetarian diets, Reiki healing, acupuncture, and chiropractic care. She has also written extensively on the subjects on plastic surgery and non-invasive cosmetic procedures, with a focus on dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane, Botox, and Dysport. Additionally, she has authored a number of pieces on prescription medications such as diet pills, antidepressants, opioids, and kratom. Jennifer is on the "Editor's Picks Top 5 Health Writers" list at WriterAccess.


Jennifer has authored hundreds of press releases, blogs, and website copy for law firms, most notably personal injury and bankruptcy attorneys. She writes about topics such as insurance claims after an auto accident, how contingency fees work in auto accident cases, and when to call a lawyer after an accident.


Jennifer is an experienced garden writer who is currently a regular contributor to the San Francisco Chronicle's "Home Guides" section online. She writes on a wide variety of plants and cultivation methods. Although much of her writing focuses on outdoor gardening, she also writes on indoor plants, especially orchids -- a personal passion!


Jennifer has written for travel sites including farecompare and the travel section of liveSTRONG. She previously authored her own travel column. Her work has focused on tourism, interesting places, and travel preparation.


Jennifer is an experienced gaming writer who has contributed to websites including the Houston Chronicle and She specializes in video games, mobile devices, and emerging consumer technology. Jennifer is also highly knowledgeable in the area of tabletop gaming and often writes about collectible card games including Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering. She is a passionate fan of mobile gaming and can usually be found hunting down Pokemon in any place she visits. Jennifer has authored e-books and articles on gaming subjects including Pokemon GO, Pokemon GO Plus, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon Collectible Card Game, Candy Crush Saga, the Amazon Kindle, Apple Watch, cutting the cable cord, and Roku usage. As a prior casino industry worker for more than a decade, Jennifer has a unique and highly knowledgeable perspective on topics including poker, The World Series of Poker, poker tournaments, blackjack, slot machines, video slot machines, and most other types of casino gaming. She also writes on topics such as casino comps, casino junkets, and maximizing casino rewards.


Jennifer is a "Lifestyle" writer for Writer Access, producing content focused on health, leisure living, and improving the quality of life for people over age 55. Jennifer has authored website content and has co-authored e-books about relationship rescue and other topics that are relevant to dating and relationships today.

Projects by SEO Skill

SEO Keyword Requirements

Jennifer is highly skilled with SEO and has completed hundreds of SEO projects for WA, Demand Media,, the Motley Fool, and other sites owned by private clients. Following each Google update, Jennifer has closely studied all algorithm changes to stay as relevant as possible. Jennifer explains that "Keyword stuffing does not work for SEO today. Ranking high in search results today requires a sophisticated approach. Combining superior content, conservative keywording, high quality backlinks, and social media signals is what Google is looking for now." Jennifer can insert keywords and lsi keywords in such a natural and organic way that readers aren't aware they are reading an SEO piece -- and neither is Google.

Projects By Asset Type

Blog Post

Jennifer has written more than 300 blogs of all types for her clients. Blogs have included work in the medical, dentistry, insurance, legal, and various other fields.

Press Release

Jennifer has authored hundreds of press releases in a variety of fields, most notably in the beauty, health, and legal fields. Press releases can be crafted for PR specialty sites such as PR Web, or for any other situation. Press releases can be keyword optimized and include hyperlinks upon request.


Jennifer has authored more than 100 ads for products including beauty products, exercise machines, and diet plans. As an experienced researcher she will work on ad copy of all types.


Jennifer is a highly experienced copywriter specializing in health, beauty, and medical topics. She has published work all across the Internet, including, the,,,,, and She also works for a number of private clients on a regular basis, creating engaging and highly readable copy for their websites and e-books.

Projects By Profession


Jennifer is a skilled copywriter who has worked for clients in a range of industries. She has produced copywriting for the legal, insurance, health, medical, beauty, and technology fields.

Research Writer

Jennifer is an experienced research writer who accepts writing jobs in a variety of areas. She is particularly skilled in medical, health, legal, beauty, and technology research.

Technical Writer

Jennifer is an experienced technical writer who has worked on a number of technology pieces, from emerging technology to cyber security and predictive analytics.


Jennifer is an experienced editor who can take existing website content and revamp it to fit client needs. In cases where current content is not relevant or usable, Jennifer crafts new content that is as closely in line with the tone of the former content as possible.

Projects by Writing Style


Jennifer is very experienced in creating promotional material for websites. She can craft articles and website content that is "heavy sell", "low pressure", or straightforward informational content with a simple call to action at the end. Even when writing promotional material Jennifer says she strives to "Write for the reader first and the search engines second."

Projects by Company Size

Small Business

Jennifer has completed website copy for a number of small business owners. She specializes in creating new copy for websites and in improving existing website writing with the intent of generating new business for the site owner. Jennifer can help a business of any size to fill the content needs of their site, even if the site is nothing more than a template that needs complete revision.

Large Business

Jennifer has acted as a consultant and content provider to several large business owners. Large business services can include writing new website content, consulting on existing sites, editing existing website copy, and consulting on new website concepts. Jennifer can help a business of any size to fill the content needs of their site, even if the site is nothing more than a template that needs complete revision.

Medium Business

Jennifer specializes in consulting with website owners about what their site needs in order to grow. Jennifer has provided website consultation and then generated the appropriate content for more than 50 mid-size business owners. Jennifer can help a business of any size to fill the content needs of their site, even if the site is nothing more than a template that needs complete revision.