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Kathy has lots of experience in research because of her lengthy work in real estate. This really helps in writing copy. ... more...

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Kathy can compose reports, essays and research papers using the APA or MLA style writing. She can write narrative, some technical, analytical or argumentative type compositions. Kathy likes writing product reviews, blogs and articles in the health, legal, financial, gardening and holiday fieldsto name only a few.


Kathy is a writer first. She enjoys writing ebooks. The illustrations and photography are done by her. She is a self taught landscape and portrait artist. Kathy is a vegetable and flower gardener. She also grows fruit trees such as apricot, peach, plum and apple. Her family is very important. Kathy believes in working hard and learning as much as possible. Kathy enjoys home improvement type activities. Her family life is very important to her.


J.Sargeant Reynolds
Criminal Justice (Communications), Associate

Experience Summary

Projects by Industry

Real Estate

Working in the real estate industry for nearly twenty years doing research, Kathy has very good researching skills. She has had a great deal of experience writing blogs and articles in many areas of the real estate field. Kathy keeps up with the economic lwoes in the current housing market, the interest rates and the new loans that are now available.


Whether writing about personal injury, divorce or criminal legal matters, research has to be done to make sure that every small detail is exactly correct. The article should be very helpful to the reader by explaining the content in an easy writing style so that the points of the article or blog are clear.


Finance is a part of every day living. It is important to understand how much or how little money a person has, and then learn how to budget it wisely within his or her own financial circumstance and comfort zone. Whether it is a big business or a small home, it does not matter. The rules are the same. The more you spend, the less you have.


Writing articles on political subjects demands a lot of research. Understanding the facts and being able to write about the subject in a fair, accurate and nonbiased journalistic manner is extremely important. There is so much information that is in the public view. Writers need to take the time and do their jobs informatively.

Green Living

Green Living can be a change in lifestyle. It does not have to be dramatic and depends on how much green living the consumer wants to be a part of. There are so many ways to live green. Some ways save money while others do not. Most consumers just want to help our world stay environmentally safe so their future family members will be able to enjoy life in a world that they once lived in.


Kathy does a lot of gardening and have lots of flowers, rose bushes and dwarf fruit trees. In her area, she's fortunate that she can have a vegetable garden in the spring and fall. There are so many different ways to protect the seeds and plants until harvest time and this writer knows all about it.


Eating a balanced meal while trying to lower your food costs or just changing your eating habits are very important decisions to a healthy diet. There are many delicious foods that can be stored safely. Learning how to dehydrate, can or freeze foods are ways to keep food tasting fresh over the months to come.


Fitness is very important to write about. Exercising is a big part of being physically fit. Many people just do not have a lot of time. Even homemakers with all the work they have to do, are worn out by the end of the day. Finding simple ways of exercising during their daily routine is very important.

Projects by SEO Skill

SEO Keyword Requirements

Writing SEO Keyword Requirements is very important. A writer must follow the directions of the client and write the blog the way he or she wants it. Sometimes, these SEO keywords can seem odd. It is the writers job to make sure that they fit within the sentence structure as best as possible.

Projects By Asset Type


A lot of Kathy's copywriting work is for promotions, product reviews or is written for industries in the environmental, legal, purchasing, foods, gardening, art, craft, animal, manufacturing, family, real estate and financial fields. There is always research involved. Making sure that the copy is written grammatically correct and with proper sentence structure is extremely important.


Kathy writes articles for publication that are between 300 to 1000+ words. She has a lot of experience writing on a broad range of subjects. Her research capability is very strong. Kathy can usually grasp the guts of the material very quickly making her able to write a strong and intelligent article, with the outcome being very interesting and informative.

Blog Post

Kathy has written many blog posts on many different topics. It is very important to have the feel for what the client wants expressed in the blog. It is just as important to be able to research the subject and write the blog in an informative and accurate manner. Whether the blog is about a horrific bus crash or food, Kathy's best work is always put forth.

News Story

Whether Kathy is writing about an issue with the TSA or the hate group, the Westboro Baptist Church, she gives a fair and accurate account of the situation that has or is unfolding at that given time. She feels it is important to as honest and as frank as possible. At the same time, compassion has to be shown.

Projects By Profession

Research Writer

Kathy worked in the real estate industry for two decades where she had to research information in the circuit courts throughout the state where she resided in. The research had to be accurate and she had to work within a dead line. It was very detailed and everything had to be reported correctly and factually. A lot of money was on the line. Her report helped determine whether a homeowner could receive a loan or a new mortgage, whether foreclosure was possible or whether it was viable to be sold.


Kathy was a ghostwriter for a real estate and a circuit court case column for an online newspaper. She had to research foreclosures and legal law suits, write them up in correct form and then email them to the editor. Kathy proofread them for accuracy before they were sent for approval. They were two weekly columns that she was responsible for.

Projects by Writing Style


Kathy writes about issues that are a public concern at that specific time. It can be a shooting, a person found innocent of a crime that the public feels is very wrong, a tragic death or about current politics. She enjoys sharing with her readers the truth behind the incidents.


Promotional blogs and articles are not just written for products. Many times Kathy promotes services. The key is to promote the product or service truthfully. If Kathy does not believe in the product or service, she turns down the choice to write about it. How can a person write positively about something she or he does not believe in? Many companies may frown on this. However, the readers can usually tell through the tone and words of the writer if the product or service is as good as he or she says it is.


Kathy has written many blogs and articles in an authoritative style. Most are written with the aim to get the readers' attention on important matters such as dangerous road intersections, traggic fires or elderly abuse. Many people do not realize that some of these situations could affect them negatively in the future.


Writing stories is always fun for Kathy. There is a lot of conversational style writing in them. Whether it is romance or ghost stories, she is very comfortable writing informal works. It stretches her writing ability and imagination to new and different levels.


Kathy really enjoys writing humorous children's stories. To her, it is just plain fun. She likes writing in rhyme. Kathy knows that after the story is finished, the children will have fun reading it. They will learn new words and grow their imaginations. Parents also enjoy reading them to their children

Projects by Company Size

Small Business

Kathy writes blogs and articles pertaining to legal, health, insurance, geriatrics, gardening plants, food preservation, the environment, home improvement, home safety, home renovation, injuries and accidents issues to name only a few. She really enjoys the varied topics that she writes about. Kathy's work consists of deeply researching the topic so that she can be as accurate as possible.

Large Business

Kathy writes a lot of product reviews within the auto and sports industries for this company. She really enjoys describing the products and giving her readers the accurate pros and cons. Her readers know that the information she gives is correct. They can partly base their decisions to buy or not to buy from Kathy's reviews.