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Jane loves the art of writing -- the challenges that come with crafting an article and finding the right angles. She also takes great pride in her work, so Jane will always take the time to carefully research each piece. Her passion has helped her to become a successful freelancer, and her work has appeared on a number of well-known sites such as the Huffington Post, AOL Travel, Popeater and ... more...

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Location Ashburn, Virginia
Education College Diploma


Articles, listicles, product descriptions, real estate informational pieces, reviews, blogs and how-tos. Jane specializes in writing about travel and animals (She loves to travel!). She's also an expert on NASCAR as her son currently races off and on in the Camping World, Xfinity and Sprint Cup series. In addition, one of her specialties is click bait articles with pictures.


Jane loves animals, especially horses and dogs. She has traveled to India, Thailand, South Africa, England, Costa Rica, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Ecuador, Paris, Venice -- to name just a few places. I have also swam with wild dolphins and manatees; snorkeled with penguins in the Galapagos; been on a horseback safari and attended a horsehoe crab spawning. Jane also loves hockey, horse racing, auto racing and other sports. She has been swimming with manatees in Florida and with penguins in the Galapagos, been on a horseback riding safari in Africa and traveled through ravaged Gulu in Uganda.


Cal State University Dominguez Hills
9/1/1980 – 6/1/1984
Communications/Journalism, Bachelors

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Jane has traveled to a number of countries, including Zimbabwe, Uganda, Tanzania, Italy, France, Australia and Japan. She loves to travel and almost always researches and plans her own trips. She has a number of articles published on the Huffington Post website, as well as AOL Travel.


Jane has written a number of articles on various animal species for a client on Textbroker. In addition, she has owned and trained several horses and dogs. She also currently volunteers every week in a no-kill animal shelter.


Jane has written a number of introductions for Popeater's actor and actress biographies (these were not credited, however). The following was a sample of a work she ghost wrote.


Jane has raised two children and also works in a school. In addition, she was very involved in their activities and sports, which included cheerleading, hockey and soccer.


She has written several dating advice pieces for Break Studios. In addition, as she says, she is a woman :)


Jane has ghostwritten numerous sports-related pieces. She was also a Yahoo contributor for the Washington Capitals sports page. Jane is also an expert on NASCAR as her son currently races off and on in the Xfinity and Camping World series and has had one start in the Sprint Cup series.

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Jane E. has written for a number of online publications, as well as for several print publications. She worked as a copy editor and editorial production manager for Petersen Publishing and was also the editor-in-chief of her university's newspaper. In addition, she has had a number of articles published with the Huffington Post and AOL Travel.

Blog Post

Jane E. has written two recent blogs for the local CBS news website in her area, including: http://ashburn.wusa9.com/news/community-spirit/ashburn-boys-family-need-aid/57338. She has also started two blogs of her own -- one on travel and the other on being a mom.

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In the past, Jane has worked for Car Craft and 4-Wheel & Off-Road Magazine. She also did her internship with a local newspaper and was the editor-in-chief of her university paper.

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Jane E loves to write fun, light articles, especially about celebs, travel and animals. She has a written these types of articles for a number of different websites, including AOL Travel and Popeater. The sample, below, was done for Mapquest. The full article can be found at: http://lacinaevicina.officialguide.info/?sw=4&idx=quest.mapquest.com%2F2011%2F11%2F23%2Fnew-years-eve-in-new-york_n_1110855.html