Scott B
Professional Writer

With over five years of experience as a professional writer, Scott B. understands how to communicate businesses' and organizations' values both clearly and effectively. His past clients have included graduate schools, hospitals, doctors, financial advisors, insurance agencies, tech startups, cafes, churches and retailers. Over his career, Scott has written hundreds of blog posts, articles, white ... more...

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Completed Orders 4,093
Last Login 4/4/2020
Location Ithaca, NY
Education Masters Degree


Scott B. primarily writes on topics in the following fields: *medicine (including coronavirus / COVID-19) *personal finance and investing *small business finance *human resources *insurance *colleges and universities *coffee *Christianity Scott writes white papers, reports and ebooks, as well as blog posts, articles and press releases.


Scott has a passion for coffee. He has spent eight years serving up cappuccinos and espressos as a barista. Now, Scott roasts his own coffee, which he enjoys sipping as he writes -- often on coffee.


Redeemer Seminary
2/2/2010 – 5/1/2014
Master of Divinity, Theology
Moody Bible Institute
1/1/2006 – 5/1/2012
Bachelor of Science, Biblical Science
University of Rochester
9/1/2004 – 12/1/2005
Certified EMT, Chemistry
Syracuse University
9/1/2003 – 6/1/2004
Coursework, Natural Sciences

Experience Summary

Projects by Industry


From blog posts and articles to whitepapers, reports and ebooks, Scott B. has provided all types of marketing collateral for insurance companies and agencies. Much of his writing focuses on nuances within insurance policies, such as how credit scores affect premiums and which insurance policies non-profit organizations should have. Scott has covered many different types of insurance, including auto, homeowners, liability, life, health, commercial and others.


Scott B. spent a total of seven years working in medical settings, four at a doctor's office and three as a certified EMT. His experience in the field, Scott B. is able to craft medical marketing collateral that speaks both to providers and patients. He has composed hundreds of blog posts, articles, web pages and white papers for both doctor's offices and hospitals.


Scott B. draws on his personal experience as an entrepreneur when completing business-related orders. Scott successfully started and ran a used-book dealership for several years, which he eventually sold to a competitor. He is familiar with the steps required to start and maintain a small business, and he's used his knowledge to create over 250 blog posts, articles and white papers on topics such as raising startup capital, managing employees and developing employee benefit plans.


Scott B. has written extensively on both personal and small business finances. His seminal projects have been a 20,000-word course on mutual fund investing and a 13,500-word white paper on ways small business owners can save for retirement. In addition to these, Scott has written hundreds of blog posts and articles on everything from budgeting to using tax shelters.


Scott B. specializes in coffee, which he both loves to drink and write about. With eight years of experience working as a barista and a love for roasting his own coffee, Scott brings a passion and familiarity to his coffee-related writings that sets him apart. He's written hundreds of blog posts for cafes and roasters, and has composed a feature story on coffee for an African magazine. In addition to writing on coffee, Scott B. has also served as a consultant for two cafes and two restaurants.

Projects by SEO Skill

SEO Keyword Requirements

Scott B. incorporates keywords into written content naturally, ensuring they don't detract from the reader's experience. Adept at phrasing, he's able to work even the most challenging phrases in naturally. Scott is happy to meet any keyword requirements, including meeting specific densities, working keywords into subheadings and using them throughout a piece.

Projects By Asset Type


Scott B. has written thousands of articles on a range of topics for both corporate and professional clients. He's written on personal finance, business security, management practices, medical treatments and more. Scott provides concise, well-researched articles, and he's able to adjust the tone and style as necessary.

Blog Post

Scott B. has composed thousands of blog posts on a diverse array of topics. He's the primary blogger for several companies, which range from small startups to established businesses with hundreds of employees. In addition to writing single blogs, he's also composed hundreds of series on financial, business, medical and other topics.

White Paper

Scott B. has worked with companies, nonprofit organizations an professionals to develop more than 100 white papers. Most of these have focused on financial, business and medical topics, although he has also researched other areas. Scott understands that these longer pieces can require close collaboration, and he is happy to work with clients throughout the entire process.

Projects By Profession


Scott B. has composed advertising and marketing materials for clients in many different industries. He is adept at concisely communicating businesses' and organizations' messages in effective ways that move readers. Whether writing a short social media post, a blog post or an ebook, Scott can identify -- and speak to -- readers' needs and desires.

Research Writer

Research is the foundation of much of Scott B.'s writing. He learned how to research a topic during graduate school, and he has used his skills to write detailed pieces for businesses, graduate schools and hospitals. Scott's ability to incorporate research into his writing gives his work credibility and authority, and it ensures accuracy. Sources, of course, can be provided anytime they're needed.

Projects by Writing Style


Scott B. often uses an authoritative tone to establish credibility when writing white papers and ebooks, although it's also highly useful for articles and blog posts. Scott demonstrates a commanding knowledge of the subject at hand by thoroughly researching the topic, writing concise and straightforward sentences, and providing sources when appropriate.


Scott B. has written thousands of pieces in a conversational manner. This less formal tone, which is often characterized by shorter sentences and the second person, helps establish a relationship with the reader, keep their attention and earn their trust. From captivating introductions to convincing call-to-actions, the conversational tone is useful in many settings.

Projects by Company Size

Small Business

Scott B. has worked with many small businesses, and he was a small business owners himself. He understands what small businesses need, and he knows small business owners often don't have time to manage every aspect of marketing. If you're busy but need quality content, Scott will take care of everything for you. In addition to researching, writing and editing, he's happy to help with ideation. Scott's also knowledgeable about SEO best practices and will make sure your content is crafted with those in mind (if desired).

Fortune 500

Scott B. has written hundreds of pieces for Fortune 500 companies. These assignments have ranged from short social media posts and product descriptions to blog posts and articles. Scott is familiar with the requirements of Fortune 500 companies. He meets deadlines and is happy to work as part of a team on a large project.