Betsy S
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Betsy S has worked professionally with writing all her life. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Literature from University of California at San Diego, and she is a certified teacher of English as a Second Language. As an undergraduate, she took extensive coursework in the natural sciences, and she is listed as a co-author on several academic journal articles on undersea geology. Her essays, book ... more...

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Last Login 3/25/2020
Location Seattle, WA
Education Bachelors Degree


Betsy enjoys writing in-depth pieces on legal and environmental topics, but she's not above creating sparkly little travel snippets or SEO explainers. Crafting a fluent, informative press release can be as exacting as writing a poem, and Betsy becomes completely absorbed in the unique challenges of each assignment.


Betsy is involved in local land-use issues and is active in several neighborhood organizations. She also enjoys the travel opportunities which a mobile workplace allows, and travels frequently. At home, she grows fruits and vegetables and raises chickens and bees.


Seattle University
Teaching English as a Second Language, Teaching Certification
WA State Bar Association and other entities
Various topics in family and immigration law,
Childbirth Education Association
CEA Instructor training, Certified as a childbirth educator
University of California, San Diego
English and American Literature, Biology, Anthropology, Bachelor of Arts


Teacher of English as a Second Language
Seattle University
Betsy S is a certified ESL instructor. She has taught in community college classrooms and online.

Experience Summary

Projects by Industry


Betsy has worked together with many small business owners to create descriptive website content, brochures, and newsletters. She is experienced at finding exactly the right words to express what is unique about each business.


Betsy received training as a paralegal while she was doing social work with homeless immigrant families. She has written legal briefs, conducted interviews, and completed immigration documents for her clients. She also has experience filing motions and writing affadavits in the areas of guardianship and domestic violence. She has created online content for legal websites on a variety of topics.


Betsy sells organic eggs from her own flock of free-range chickens and honey from her beehives. She has given workshops on canning and preserving, blogged about fine local restaurants, and created original how-to articles on making pasta and sourdough bread.


Betsy is a certified Childbirth Educator, and has taught a Medical Terminology course at a Seattle-area community college. She has taken graduate coursework at University of WA in medical social work, and has served as a board member on a regional health-care action network.


Betsy has travelled independently in Central America, Mexico, Spain and France. She has spent extended periods of time living abroad and integrating into local cultures.

Green Living

Betsy lives on a remote off-grid homestead, so she is intimately acquainted with most aspects of green living. She writes on a computer powered by L16 deep-cycle batteries, and draws water from her own well with a submersible 12V pump. She can write with authority and fluency about all aspects of green living.


As a social worker with unemployed women and families, Betsy provided individual assistance to clients who were seeking employment. She gave workshops in resume creation and made group presentations at the local employment office on career choices. She also conducted tours of several local vocational institutes and wrote numerous handouts on career-training opportunities.

Search Marketing

Betsy has become knowledgeable about SEO through building and maintaining a website and blog. She shares what she has learned through straightforward accessible online writing.

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SEO Keyword Requirements

Betsy is very familiar with the art of weaving keywords into natural language text. She builds and maintains her own website and two blogs, and is continually updating her knowledge of the use of keywords in SEO.

Projects By Asset Type

Blog Post

Betsy has contributed posts to a wide variety of blogs, with many different topics and tones. She is very comfortable adjusting the diction of her writing to suit the target audience.


Betsy has written articles covering a wide array of topics. She is a quick and skillful researcher, and her teaching background enables her to organize and present material in a readily accessible format.

Press Release

Betsy has several years' experience in producing press releases for businesses in her area. She has also provided this service for local art exhibits, farmers' markets, and language instruction programs.

Projects By Profession

Creative Writer

Most of Betsy's creative work has appeared in non-paying literary journals and on her website and blog. She has had an essay published in The Sun magazine, and her poetry has appeared in online literary journals.

Projects by Writing Style


Betsy is very comfortable with composing promotional materials which are appealing without sounding overdone. She has created many print ads, as well as brochures, customer letters, press releases, and commercial website content.


Betsy has co-authored scientific journal articles and software how-to manuals. In her work as a paralegal, she has created motions, briefs and affadavits which were filed with the court.


Betsy has several years' experience in producing press releases for businesses in her area. She has also provided this service for local art exhibits, farmers' markets, and language instruction programs.


In addition to being paid for the occasional informal blog post, Betsy writes her own conversational blog. She enjoys the chance to express herself in a natural conversational tone, so that the reader feels as if we're all sitting together and chatting.